Top 10 Feel-Good Movies Similar to The Intern

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: May 3, 2023 (Last updated: January 20, 2024)
Movies like The Intern
Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway in The Intern (Credit to Warner Bros. Pictures)

In The Intern, a retired 70-year-old widower, Ben (Robert De Niro), is bored with retired life. So he applies to be a senior intern at online fashion retail and, shockingly, gets the position. The founder of the company is Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway), who is a workaholic. I’ve compiled 10 movies that are like The Intern with similar themes.

It is the classic unlikely pairing that gets along and teaches each other new things that are important parts of life that drive the film. Of course, Ben being older, tries to tell Jules that working through life isn’t everything and that it’s important to stop and enjoy life.

Chef  (2014) 

After giving us the birth of the MCU, Jon Favreau turned his love of cooking and food into a movie. When a head chef quits his restaurant job and buys a food truck in an effort to reclaim his creative promise, he also pieces together his estranged family through his dishes.

Big (1988) 

In the 80s, Tom Hanks was on everyone’s radar, and Big was the one movie everyone could relate to. After wishing to be made “big,” Josh (Hanks), a teenage boy, wakes up the following day to find himself mysteriously in the body of an adult.

Set It Up (2018) 

It’s hard to find good romantic comedies in the 2010s, but this one had an amazing pairing that really sold the gimmick. In Set It Up, Two corporate executive assistants, Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell), plan to match-make their two bosses so that they can breathe a little easier.

Analyze This (1999) 

After taking on such iconic dramatic roles, Robert De Niro switched to comedy and never looked back. He’s incredibly funny and charming, and in Analyze This, we still see that mafioso persona, but with a twist. It’s a comedy about a psychiatrist, Billy Crystal, whose number-one patient is an insecure mob boss.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006) 

In 2006 this little family dramedy took audiences by storm. It’s about a family who is determined to get their young daughter into the finals of a beauty pageant, and they take a cross-country trip in their VW bus to get her there so she can fulfill her dream.

Role Models (2008) 

What happens when you mix a young Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott? You get a raunchy comedy about two men who have no idea how to take accountability for anything. Their wild behavior forces the pair of them (who are energy drink representatives) to enroll in a Big Brother program.

Meet the Parents (2000) 

In-laws can be a struggle to get along with, and Robert De Niro stars alongside Ben Stiller in this hilarious family comedy. When male nurse Greg Focker (Stiller) meets his girlfriend’s parents before proposing, her dad (De Niro) puts Greg through a series of tests to see if he’s truly good enough for his daughter.

The Princess Bride (1987) 

It’s fun to believe in fairytales, and Rob Reiner’s The Princess Bride is a perfect retelling of one. A bedridden boy’s grandfather reads him the story of a farmboy-turned-pirate who encounters numerous obstacles, enemies, and allies in his quest to be reunited with his true love.

Singin’ in the Rain (1952) 

Whenever you feel down in the dumps, there is one movie that will almost always lift your spirits: this musical here. When a silent film star falls for a chorus girl just as he and his delusionally jealous screen partner are trying to make the difficult transition to talking pictures in 1920s Hollywood.

Paddington (2014) 

It’s nice to see that a combination of live-action and animation can still be fused together so effortlessly in Paddington. Filmmakers have decided to go full realism and have actual animals talk with humans in the film, which doesn’t give the same effect of a cuddly animal that humans can be friends with.

In this film, a young Peruvian bear travels to London in search of a home. He finds himself lost and alone at Paddington Station until he meets the kindly Brown family, who offers him a temporary haven.

Do you have any other recommendations for Movies like The Intern? Let us know in the comments below. 

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