Hanna season 2, episode 6 recap and breakdown – the whistleblower

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 3, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Amazon original series Hanna season 2, episode 6 - You're With Us Now


Hanna season 2, episode 6 shows Hanna getting her first assignment but it is clear from her hesitations that she’s not fully compliant to the program.

This recap of Amazon original series Hanna season 2, episode 6, “You’re With Us Now” contains significant spoilers.

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How does Hanna season 2, episode 6, “You’re With Us Now” open?

Episode 6 opens up with Hanna using social media, exercising — she’s fully moulded into the program and she seems happy. Meanwhile, John learns of a whistleblower trying to leak information on the Utrax assassin’s program. John’s superior tells him to use the girls for what they were trained for.

Your first assignment

Hanna and Jules are called into the office by John and Leo and they are given the task of stopping the whistleblower with the code name “Tacitus”. They have to meet Nicola Clough first, the journalist who will be receiving the information. This is the first official assignment in Hanna. Audiences would have never thought that Hanna would be compliant to all this at first.

I’m happy here now

Hanna meets Clara and tells her she’s off to London with Jules. Clara seems weird about it. Clara states she’s still happy here but you can sense that there’s something underlying happening in her mind — a hesitation of some kind holding her back. Hanna still has the fake passports for her and Clara. Before heading out for their mission, Leo “has a word” with Jules, which clearly becomes important later.

Who tried to help you

Marissa is imprisoned after her escape plans. The interrogators want her to reveal who tried helping her to escape. Marissa keeps repeating that there wasn’t anyone. They also ask her about codename “Tacitus” and she laughs and says, “He’s my dog”. It’s always amusing seeing Marissa being smug in the series — she does not care at all.

Being students

At the midway point of Hanna season 2, episode 6 the scenes flit to London; Hanna is placed at a University and given a student dorm. Jules and Hanna pretend to not know each other as they start socialising. The pair introduce each other as new friends. Back at The Meadows, Sandy is bothered that Hanna and Jules were sent on a mission. This type of jealously is a result of the indoctrination and being made to feel special. Sandy doesn’t have to wait long as John gives her and Clara an assignment abroad.

Seduction and manipulation

In London, Jules pretends she is overwhelmed by University and confides in one of the teachers and asks if she wants to get a coffee. During coffee, the teacher introduces Jules to her wife… the journalist Nicola. Hanna shows the techniques learnt at the programme is working — seduction and manipulation.

What are Sandy and Clara up to?

Hanna is now set up to meet the journalist and “Tacitus”. Jules hints that Sandy and Clara are also in Barcelona, covering the operation on the other side. While out walking in London, Steven, the man who tried to help Marissa, asks Hannah what Utrax is trying to get her to do.

Meeting Nicola

Hanna and Jules head over to the teacher’s house who is hosting the party. Hanna heads into the kitchen and sees Nicola having a “Dutch courage” drink. The pair talk and Hanna pretends to get to know her. Suddenly, Nicola gets a call and she heads outside — she offers anonymous protection for the whistleblower and arranges to meet in Barcelona to get another journalist involved. Hanna talks to the journalist more and Nicola reveals a horrific coverup; it is clear Hanna realises that the journalist is trying to remove evil from the world and this plays on her mind later in the episode.

Who is Tacitus?

Hanna sends excerpts from Nicola’s notebook back to The Meadows — Terri believes “Tacitus” is a military lawyer called Robert Gelder who is in Barcelona. John knows this man by name. Leo believes Robert is using his daughter as a cover and when he asks John what “Tacitus” knows, John doesn’t answer the question. Leo sends information to Sandy regarding student Kat Gelder (Robert’s daughter) in Barcelona so she can befriend her. Sandy gives Kat a wallet she had “lost” so she can speak to her.

The order

Jules tells Hanna that they have the order to intercept Nicola before she gets a plane to Barcelona. Hannah tells Steven about the operation. Steven introduces Hanna to Rachel. They tell Hanna about “The Pioneer Group” — they used to be a small splinter cell group of national radicals within the agency; they developed Utrax. Steven explains that they need to get to Tacitus before the program does. Jules was spying on Hanna and lets Leo and John know that they have a problem. The series always shows Hanna against it constantly with the others always being one step ahead.

How does Hanna season 2, episode 6, “You’re With Us Now” end?

The operation to intercept is now in full swing. Jules tells Hanna to intercept when the train moved but Hannah pulls a gun out at Jules. As the train moves, Jules smiles and waves. Two people try to assassinate Hanna on the train but she fights them off. Meanwhile, Jules kills Steven. Hanna runs through London desperate to save Nicola. Jules runs up behind Nicola and Leo distracts her by saying “Sorry” and Jules assassinates her. Hanna arrives — she didn’t make it and she is devastated. It’s evident from the start of season 2 that Hanna has a moral compass that trumps the program. Hanna season 2, episode 6 shows Hanna getting her first assignment but it is clear from her hesitations that she’s not fully compliant to the program.

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