Hanna season 2, episode 7 recap and breakdown – get the briefcase

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 3, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Amazon original series Hanna season 2, episode 7 - Tacitus


Hanna season 2, episode 7 is a frantic penultimate episode that finds ways to fill the time but it is still entertaining at the very least.

This recap of Amazon original series Hanna season 2, episode 7, “Tacitus” contains significant spoilers.

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How does Hanna season 2, episode 7, “Tacitus” open?

Episode 7 opens up with Hanna taking the chip out of her arm and dying her hair back to black. Meanwhile, in Barcelona, Clara is ready to complete her operation. It’s a strange opening, demonstrating how quickly things changed for Hanna, who seemed to be enjoying her new life.

Take her out

Kat meets her father Robert and he tells her something has happened that is “unexpected” and that he cannot stay long as he has to leave. Kat is angry. Leo briefs John that they’ve lost Robert — John states that they need that briefcase and that if anyone sees Hanna, “take her out”. Sandy meets Kat and asks about her father but she’s struggling to get information off her. Clara is attempting to get information while with Kat’s friends. Suddenly, something irks Clara and she walks off, knife ready in her hand — she meets Hanna.

Your mother is alive

Hanna tells Clara about the journalist and asks if Robert Gelder is her target. Clara insists they are serving America. Hanna explains that Robert was exposing Utrax but Clara threatens to stab her before Hanna states that her mother is not dead and that she lives in Egypt. This scene is important because the audience knows that Clara desperately seeks her mother — it’s the only way Hanna can change her mind and will likely be the reason the story changes dramatically as we see later in this episode.


While en route to a secret location, the men escorting Marissa are killed, leaving her in the back of a truck. She’s once again fighting for her life as she figures out what has happened. As she leaves the truck a woman says, “We said we’d get you out,” and asks Marissa to get in another truck. The woman explains to Marissa about Robert Gelder and the information; they need the target list — she reveals that Hanna is trying to protect him.

Time for lunch

At the midway point of Hanna season 2, episode 7, “Tacitus”, we are back in Barcelona. Robert leaves a voicemail to the other journalist saying that it isn’t safe to exchange information so it will have to be quick. Sandy joins Kat for lunch with his father. Robert tells Sandy that he wants to have lunch alone. Sandy leaves and asks Clara where she is — she’s late because she was researching her mother. Robert tells Kat that she needs to leave as well and go back to her mother in Missouri as they are in danger. Kat refuses to leave as she’s sick of being used. It’s all very hectic in “Tacitus” to reach the important phases, and it feels a little ‘cat and mouse’ in these scenes.

To fight them

Hanna approaches Clara about her mother again. Clara tells Hanna that she cannot stop this mission but Hanna states this is what Erik trained her for — “To fight them”. It’s important that Hanna still lives in Erik’s name as she realizes what her true purpose is. Meanwhile, Sandy stays with Kat and they go out drinking. Sandy steals Kat’s phone and Hanna watches from a distance. Clara checks her emails again to see if her mother has responded but there’s nothing there. Hanna grabs Kat and tells her that Sandy is trying to kill her father. Kat has a brief conversation with Sandy and asks her specific questions; Kat leaves the club suddenly and realizes that Hanna is telling the truth.

The hotel

All focus is now on the hotel as we reach the conclusion of the penultimate episode — Kat meets her father. John tells Terri to send the order to kill both of them. Clara goes to Robert’s room acting as a maid and then Kat arrives. Sandy tells Clara that they have to kill both of them and grab the briefcase. Sandy is evidently more committed to finishing the mission and you can tell by Clara’s facial expressions that she is not sold on the idea of killing the father and daughter.

How does Hanna season 2, episode 7, “Tacitus” end?

Hanna and Sandy enter the hotel room where Robert and Kat are and ask for the briefcase. Sandy takes control and asks Clara to assassinate them. Clara hesitates and Sandy tells her to do it. Sandy grabs the gun but Hanna arrives. In the bedroom, Sandy has killed Robert and then fled through the window. Kat is inconsolable as she looks at her father’s dead body — it reminds Hanna of when Erik died. They all need to leave and quick. Hanna season 2, episode 7 is a frantic penultimate episode that finds ways to fill the time but it is still entertaining at the very least.

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