Hanna season 2, episode 8 recap and breakdown – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 3, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Amazon original series Hanna season 2, episode 8 - The List


Hanna season 2, episode 8 brings a decent conclusion to a satisfactory second installment and brings an obvious tie-in for a third season.

This recap of Amazon original series Hanna season 2, episode 8, “The List” contains significant spoilers.

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How does Hanna season 2, episode 8, “The List” open?

Clara, Hanna and Kat find a place to hide in this large wealthy house. They force their way in by threatening a man. The production team obviously picked this house because it serves as a good finale for action sequences. A flashback shows John and Robert enjoying dinner and John shares with him some information. In the present day, John arrives at the crime scene where Robert was killed.

Get out of here alive

Leo visits Sandy to help her leave and get information on Hanna and Clara. Hanna asks Kat for everything she knows so they can get out of Barcelona alive. Kat talks about the briefcase. Clara remembers someone leaving Robert’s room with a briefcase. Hanna needs to return to the hotel. At University, an investigator asks Sandy a series of questions about Kat and her father but she manages to answer the questions to deflect any suspicion.


Clara gets an email from her mother asking if she’s alive and she’s happy, tears filling in her eyes. She replies to her email. This was a huge moment in Hanna and it helps the lead character finish one of her missions — to protect her friend and protect her mother. Hanna returns to the hotel and she’s in full operational mode and finds the man who Robert Gelder gave his briefcase too. Meanwhile, Marissa is outside working with the woman who claims to be on her side, but she’s secretly updating John. Hanna forces the man to hand over the briefcase from the safe.

I know that woman

At the midway point of Hanna season 2, episode 8, Hanna sees the other journalist, Alba, but then John comes downstairs with his men and starting shooting. Alba is shot dead but Hanna flees through the kitchens to get cover — when she gets outside, Marissa stops Hanna and tells her she can help but Hanna recognizes the woman she is with — she works with John. Hanna runs before John can get to her. Hanna looks through the list of targets on the list in the briefcase. Meanwhile, Marissa confronts Sandy and asks, “Where are they?”. This is a great lead into an action-led second half.

Setting the alarm

Clara returns to the wealthy house and hears the front gates open — she suspects something. Kat is suddenly upset and Clara knows they have triggered the alarm — the man tied up persuaded Kat to set the alarm off. Clara kicks the man out and he’s shot in the head by Leo. Leo then enters the house and finds Kat. Clara drops down from the ceiling and pushes him into the pool. John shoots into the pool but accidentally kills Leo. As Clara surfaces, Hanna kills the woman working with John from a distance and then shoots John in the shoulder. Marissa then saves the day and kills the three men out at the front gate. There’s no time to think in the finale as many parts are moving quickly.

The target list

Hanna gives Marissa the target list — Marissa takes a photo of it and tells Hanna to keep it. Marissa then heads inside the house and tells John that the operation is over and that the boss of The Pioneer Group will not be happy when he finds out that he sloppily allowed the target list to be leaked. John asks, “What do you want?”. What a moment for Marissa who has been through a lot in the second season, but she came out of the other end with the power.


Hanna and Clara drop Kat off at the airport so she can get her flight to America. Clara tells Hanna that her mother replied and that she’s heading to Morocco to meet her. Clara starts crying and is appreciative of what Hanna has done for her. Hanna hugs her and says, “You leave me now forever”. Both girls do not expect to see each other again but it’s easy to suspect that this won’t be the case. Back at The Meadows, Terri sees an email from Clara’s mother but she chooses to stay quiet — she deletes the email. It’s clear that in this scene that Terri’s work of spying on the girls and messaging them from the fake social media accounts has given her an emotional connection — there are clearly many flaws with Utrax. Meanwhile, Sandy is asked to return back to base.

How does Hanna season 2, episode 8, “The List” end?

Marissa wants John to help her take down The Pioneer Group — “I’m running this now”. And if he doesn’t comply, she will reveal all and get him in trouble. At the airport in Morocco, Clara is reunited with her mother and it is emotional. Hanna asks Marissa, “What now?”. Hanna season 2, episode 8 brings a decent conclusion to a satisfactory second installment and brings an obvious tie-in for a third season.

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