Jim Jefferies: Intolerant Review

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 7, 2020 (Last updated: February 16, 2023)
Netflix Special Stand-Up Jim Jefferies: Intolerant


Jim has delivered again — his style and flow are easy to embrace as he drops his jokes with ease and confidence.

Netflix Special Stand-Up Jim Jefferies: Intolerant will be out on the platform on July 6, 2020.

What’s incredibly strange about Jim Jefferies’ stand-up routine is that there’s rarely a punchline. You could imagine meeting the man at the pub and he would slur his stories over a pint, and the end result would be the same — you’d find him funny. His routines depend mostly on his outrageous personality rather than the story itself — he has a way with words.

And Jim Jefferies delivers again in Netflix’s Intolerant. Sporting a glass of water rather than an alcoholic beverage, the comedian continues as he means to go on with his dry, boundary-pushing comedy using his half-assed Australian accent that the audience has grown to love.

The main theme of the Netflix stand-up is Jim Jefferies’ food problem — he’s lactose intolerant. He ironically tells the audience that cheese and dairy happen to be one of his favorite food groups, meaning he’s f*cked.

Intolerant sees the comedian explain to his audience a date he went on at a fancy, Michelin star restaurant, and for the entire routine the question remains — did Jim Jefferies sh*t himself at the end of the date?

The way the comedian bounces in and out of the story after mischievously sidetracking to other stories is well-rounded and balanced — it’s evident that the comedian has grown with his flow rather than sacrificed his style due to the growing popularity. Jim Jefferies sidelines the “did he sh*t himself” joke to meddle in progressive millennials and the irony that he’s never needed skincare products despite his drug heavy life, yet women require products every single day.

He couldn’t help place in a couple of misogynistic jokes, which leads to the comedian weighing in on his thoughts on cancel culture.

Like Ricky Gervais and Dave Chappelle, Jim Jefferies spends a good portion of his routine discussing woke culture and the absurdity of being heckled for simply doing their job — making jokes. Intolerant muses over the fact that the goalposts have moved dramatically for comedy since 10 years ago — it’s almost ludicrous to scrutinize the comedian in the present day. Jim Jefferies makes his strongest points on this subject in Intolerant.

It’s obvious that the comedian’s logic makes it difficult for his opposition to derail his growing popularity — it’s his logic that made him an internet sensation for his statement on America’s guns after all. He’s ironically one of the most progressive comedians out there despite his problem with the insufferable millennials.

If you like the comedian’s previous stand-ups, then this is going to be a favorite again. If you are a strong opposer, then expect to be critical of Jim Jefferies: Intolerant.

Jim has delivered again — his style and flow are easy to embrace as he drops his jokes with ease and confidence.

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