Stateless Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – what happened in “Run Sofie Run”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 8, 2020 (Last updated: November 24, 2023)
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Netflix limited series Stateless episode 4 - Run Sofie Run


Episode 4 is the most dramatic chapter so far as the facility goes into escape mode and protests act as a distraction.

This recap of Netflix limited series Stateless Season 1 Episode 4, “Run Sofie Run” contains spoilers.

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How does Stateless episode 4, “Run Sofie Run” open?

Episode 4 begins with the guards getting their helmets and shields on ready for the protests. The riot police arrive and Brian tells Clare it’s a little overkill. David Meakins is outside the gates watching. Farid asks Ameer why he didn’t greet Moshi the other night. Meanwhile, Sofie is preparing for her escape — she plans a diversion. Episode 4 is the most dramatic chapter so far as the facility goes into escape mode and protests act as a distraction.

The protests start

The protests arrive and it’s a fancy dress group with balloons, making Clare look rather silly for taking it so seriously at first. Cam’s sister Janice is leading the protest with a megaphone. As Sofie puts her plans together, she hears Gordon’s voice but she manages to drown it out. The director rings Clare and tells her to send the police home as it is clearly not a mass protest.

The escape begins

Javad manages to trick one of the guards and leaves solitary confinement. As he starts his escape, more protestors arrive on large coaches. Sofie and co are digging their hole out of the compound. The protests are getting more aggressive as the escape plans progress. Clare learns of the potential escapees. Sofie gets stuck in the gate and Mina helps her. Cam finds one of the men (Al Awani) escaping and he begs him to let him go. Clare looks in the distance and can see a few have escaped. Cam’s sister Janice helped the escape putting Cam in a difficult position.


At the midway point of Stateless episode 4, “Run Sofie Run”, Sofie keeps on running via the barren land and a balloon ironically floats past her. She takes a break to get her breath back. Back at the facility, the correctional officers are doing a count. Brian states there will be consequences for anyone who helped with the escape — 5 immigrants have escaped. Brian makes a suggestion to Cam that his sister helped the escape. Cam states he knows nothing. Ameer argues with Mina for helping the escape plans, stating they only have one chance to legitimately get citizenship.


Back in the barren land, Sofie is now walking, still a little breathless — she continues to remember how Pat and Gordon treated her. Gordon threatened to call the police on her. Back in the present day, Cam’s sister Janice picks her up. Janice picks up Javad’s family and puts them in the back of the car — the plan is that the nuns will hide them for a few days and then smuggle them into the city. This is an elaborate plan.

It’s a federal offense

Janice gives Sofie instructions on where to go and she’ll message her with a safe house address. Janice distracts the police. Meanwhile, Clare is put under pressure due to the escapes. She finds a few of the immigrants at the church and reminds them it is a federal offense to hide illegal immigrants. One of the immigrants tells Clare that she was raped and tortured in Iran and she hopes she will also be tortured before spitting in her face. It’s evident Clare is impacted by this — what’s her moral compass at this point? Is she led by corporate/political needs or humanity? It’s difficult to tell.

GOPA is a cult

Margot learns that GOPA is a cult and that the police have an ongoing investigation into the organization and cannot reveal any information. Margot is worried about what’s happened to Sofie. Meanwhile, Sofie and Javad reach the safehouse.

A beer and a chat

Clare tells David Meakins that she feels like she is going from one crisis to the next. The pair have a beer and Clare talks about how her ex didn’t want children but saw him 6 months ago with his pregnant girlfriend. This scene is designed to show that Clare is human and that the day’s events have impacted her because she’s thinking about the need for a family.

The importance of family

Javad asks Sofie why she’s lying about who she is. Sofie says she cannot reveal who she is because she won’t be safe. Javad ironically states how Sofie wants to be deported but his family wants to stay — he reminds her about the importance of family. Sofie rings Margot crying and her sister offers her help, stating that she’s gone to the police about GOPA.

How does Stateless episode 4, “Run Sofie Run” end?

Cam tells his wife that he can’t throw his sister under the bus. He’s now battling with his loyalty. Cam rings up Brian and tells him where the immigrants are hiding. His sister is arrested by the police and the remaining escapees are found and are returned to the facility but placed in isolation units. This was a dreadful ending to a chapter that gave hope to these immigrants.

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