Stateless Season 1 Episode 5 Recap – what happened in “Panis Angelicus”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 8, 2020 (Last updated: November 24, 2023)
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Netflix limited series Stateless episode 5 - Panis Angelicus


The penultimate episode of this Netflix series presents the utter exhaustion and peaked tension in the immigration facility — everyone is tired and fed up, marred by the events of the crippling policies.

This recap of Netflix limited series Stateless Season 1 Episode 5, “Panis Angelicus” contains spoilers.

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How does Stateless episode 5, “Panis Angelicus” open?

The penultimate episode of this Netflix series presents the utter exhaustion and peaked tension in the immigration facility — everyone is tired and fed up, marred by the events of the crippling policies. Episode 5 opens with the correctional officers releasing Al Alwani to send him back to his country as his visa has been rejected. The immigrant wails and screams — this is a highly distressing and upsetting scene as they carry him out. If Al Alwani returns to his home country, he will likely be killed. This is the reality of refugees every single day.

Increased security

Clare increases security at the facility and Brian briefs the correctional officers — they all seem a little despondent. Clare thanks them for all their work. The director arrives and tells Clare and Brian that the Human Rights Commission will be visiting.

The case officer’s suspicions

Ameer meets his case officer for an interview. She wants to know why he sent his family first on the boat. Ameer explains how he waited and then his brother-in-law sent money from Afghanistan — the case officer demands the truth. Afterward, Ameer tells Farid he needs a lawyer — flashbacks shows Moshin stabbing one of the men chasing them after they took their money back from the smugglers — it all went wrong. If the case officer finds out this crime then he will lose his chance of a visa. But here lies the problem, for these people, it is life and death — it’s not as simple as paying money for a boat to flee.

Personal problems

Cam visits his sister Janice who has been bailed. She’s upset that he told the facility where the immigrants were, stating they were ripping families apart and that he took their chances from them. Meanwhile, Clare asks if she’s getting fired from the director and feels she is being throw under the bus; she explains how her life for this company has lost her a marriage.

Increased tensions

Outside in the compound, there is a commotion as the immigrants are protesting with a lack of phone privileges and kitchen food. Clare tells Brian to handle it. Farid is trying to negotiate and tells Brian to say that they don’t know what they are capable of. With increased tensions, Cam is asked to come in despite the correctional officer just completing a 12-hour shift. Clare speaks to Ameer about his story. She proves that his brother-in-law is dead and couldn’t have sent him money and asks what truly happened. Ameer, who is nervous, asks for a lawyer.

Safety first

At the midway point of Stateless episode 5, “Panis Angelicus”, Brian tells Clare that he had to negotiate with the immigrants to de-escalate tensions — Clare is fuming but the director agrees that safety is first. Clare and Brian argue about the approach to the facility — Brian argues how operationally they are exhausted and Clare keeps on shouting over him. Clare ends the conversation stating she’s going to survive this. This scene demonstrates how life inside a detention facility can change anyone, and not for the better.

Losing her mind

Sofie, who is losing her mind in isolation, is finally freed. She keeps seeing Gordon. Cam and Harriet watch her from a distance and believe she needs psychiatric help but it’s rare for people to leave on medical grounds. Harriet tells Cam to put her inside so he drags her across the yard while she’s on the mattress. As she is handled by Cam, she has flashbacks of her being arrested by the police. Meanwhile, Margot speaks to Sofie’s ex-manager who remembers seeing her get arrested. Margot realizes that she is still in Australia.

Transfer to hospital

While speaking to a doctor, Sofie keeps experiencing the trauma of Gordon sexually assaulting her. The doctor recommends she is transferred to a psychiatric hospital — Clare puts the file on top of many other files on her desk. The paper-pushing exercise is failing the system.  Clare shows Ameer a photo of the people smuggler Oshan and asks what he did. Ameer tells Clare that his daughter deserves a decent life. He gets angry at Clare, claiming to be a decent man. Ameer then attacks Moshin in the dining room stating that he told them what happened. It’s heartbreaking for Ameer, whose only intention was to make his family safe.

Psychotic breakdown

One of the correctional officers, Dyson, takes Sofie back to her room and she believes he is Gordon and she has a psychotic breakdown and ends up attacking him. Cam gets her on the floor and restrains her. An exhausted Cam returns home to a busy household with the kids. He starts handling one of his kids aggressively and his wife stops him and asks him to leave the house. Cam’s mental health has deteriorated.

Trial and deportation

Clare shares video proof showing Ameer helping the people smuggler with the director. If Ameer goes to trial and loses, he will be deported. Clare seems concerned about the treatment of Ameer and what will happen to his daughter.

How does Stateless episode 5, “Panis Angelicus” end?

Brian has lost his job and Clare is apologetic — Brian explains he has a teenager that he needs to spend time with. As he leaves, he plays classical music via the intercom to the immigrants. Music spreads through the compound and it has a calming effect. When Clare returns home she’s sobbing outside and David Meakins comforts her. Cam sleeps with one of the correctional officers in the bathroom while out for drinks with their colleagues — everyone is lost.

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