Stateless Season 1 Episode 3 Recap – what happened in “The Right Thing”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 8, 2020 (Last updated: November 24, 2023)
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Netflix limited series Stateless episode 3 - The Right Thing


Episode 3 is all about that moral compass and the consequences of human decisions.

This recap of Netflix limited series Stateless Season 1 Episode 3, “The Right Thing” contains spoilers.

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How does Stateless episode 3, “The Right Thing” open?

Clare answers to the journalists outside of the detention facility and compliments the policies and the environment. She calls it a first-class facility. Meanwhile, Cam is clearly not happy with the incident report that claims the force on the immigrant was “reasonable and proportionate”. All eyes are on the facility. Clare is told by the director to find out who the leak is — who brought the photo to the press. Brian is going to conduct interviews with Cam and co regarding the incident. Cam is struggling with his moral compass and confides in his wife about what happened. He doesn’t feel like he can say anything or he will lose the job and the good money. He’s afraid of losing their new home. Episode 3 is all about that moral compass and the consequences of human decisions.

Helping her father

Ameer is having a nightmare about his family drowning and Mina, his daughter, tries waking him up but he’s in a deep sleep — he needs a doctor and Farid offers to help as it’s clear he is taking powerful sleeping pills. Sofie helps Mina by giving her food to give to her father. She causes a distraction so Mina can get the food to her father. Sofie is getting to grips with the facility in many more ways than one.

I am Eva

Sofie’s case officer has found out she isn’t really Eva and if she doesn’t reveal who she is, she will be stuck at the facility indefinitely. Sofie sticks with the lie after experiencing traumatic flashbacks of Gordon abusing her. One of the immigrants asks Sofie to leave this place and be their voice and represent their suffering — she says “no” and runs off. Sofie understandably has trust issues and this scene exemplifies that she fears those who compliment up and give a platform. That’s exactly what Gordon did.

Margot investigates

Margot meets Gordon and Pat from GOPA to see if they know where Sofie is. Gordon tries to play his usual manipulation tricks on Margot but she’s creeped out and walks away. One of Farid’s friends helps Ameer out of bed to force him to walk and breathe in the fresh air. Ameer says he just wants to sleep. Farid’s friend tells the daughter to keep her father awake.

A commotion

At the midway point of Stateless episode 3, “The Right Thing”, one of the immigrants asks Cam to help him with his lawyer or his brother will kill him. Meanwhile, one of the female guards is attacked by one of the immigrants, causing a commotion. Sofie follows one of the women who reside in the facility and she threatens Sofie, telling her to stop spying on whatever she is up to. Cam has an interview with Brian about the incident. He tells the truth to what happened and that it wasn’t “reasonable force”. Episode 3 sees Cam unable to lie — Stateless is about making the right principled choices.

Found the mole

Brian tells Clare that he needs to fire three correctional officers. She’s disgusted by it but then sees the nuns on CCTV again and sees they are getting away from being scanned for certain items. Clare arrives downstairs and opens up the roast chicken Sister Bernadette was bringing inside and there is a phone nestled deep within the meat. She finds out the nun was working with Javad who was inside the facility and feeding information to journalist David Meakins. Clare asks Javad what the mobile is for and what he is planning. Javad makes her aware that there will be protests on a specific day and that the photograph will just be the beginning. Clare sends Javad to isolation despite promising him that she wouldn’t send him there.

When Clare returns home, David berates her for putting Javad in isolation and asks, “What happened to you Clare?”. There’s clear history between these two and David’s shock at Clare’s actions suggests she used to fight for the unfortunate earlier in her career.

I still want a good night

Ameer tells his daughter that he has been selfish and that he should have been on the boat with his family. He insists that he still wants a good life for them both. In a flashback, Sofie begs Pat and asks if she can rejoin GOPA. Pat tells Sofie that she isn’t welcome and that they don’t want her dirty negative energy. In the present day, she has a breakdown from all the trauma.

How does Stateless episode 3, “The Right Thing” end?

When Cam returns home, his sister tells him that she is proud that he told the truth. He joins his wife in the pool, believing it will be their last moments in the new house before he gets fired. At work the next day, Harriet tells Cam that they have been cleared of any wrongdoing and he is shocked. This will likely play with his mind even more.

Ameer learns that Moshina is now at the facility and he experienced a memory of running away from him and doesn’t want to talk to him.

Clare wants loads of police for the protest so they understand they are in control. Meanwhile, Sofie finds a hole in the ground at the facility and tells the woman she has been following that she’s coming with her.

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