Little Voice season 1, episode 2 recap – what happens in “I Will Survive”? Stop doubting yourself.



Episode 2 is served to highlight that Bess’s confidence is growing and doubts are easing in another satisfactory chapter.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Little Voice season 1, episode 2, “I Will Survive” contains spoilers.

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How does Little Voice season 1, episode 2, “I Will Survive” open?

Bess plays the piano and shows off her musical and singing talents again while dropping off a dog to one of her customers. She’s writing a new song called “I Will Survive”. Afterward, Bess attends Louie’s home and she and her brother’s friends talk about why she believes she has lost her job. It’s evident that the character’s main issue is anxiety and nerves — constantly doubting herself and the way people feel about her.

Pretend you haven’t been fired

Rather than assuming that she’s lost her job, Bess returns to the music bar in the evening and works. Her boss Al tells her she isn’t fired but that he makes the shots. At the bar, a band member named Samuel gives her his number and says they should practice “some time”. Benny then tells Bess that he has got her a paying gig. Bess tries to get out of it but it doesn’t work. Episode 2 gives Bess a new opportunity so it’s all about whether she will flake it.

Keep it mysterious

At the halfway point of Little Voice season 1, episode 2, “I Will Survive”, Bess asks her father what’s the secret to being good with the crowd — he tells her to keep the mystery and just sing. Her father buys Bess a hat for the show and Louie an expensive suit. He hasn’t got all the cash so Bess covers the margin — this scene highlights Bess’s pride getting the better of her when they are evidently not a well-off family. When Bess gets advice from Prisha she tells her to just “be herself”. Bess keeps practicing her opening speech and becomes frustrated.

Ethan tries offering an explanation to Bess about the other night when he showed up to the bar with his partner but then Samuel turns up to her garage for practice. Ethan introduces himself to Samuel and it is awkward — love triangle?

Samuel has a point

Samuel tells Bess that “less is more” when introducing yourself to the audience. The pair practice for the night ahead. Ethan is in the next garage and he’s clearly getting jealous. Samuel advises that they do the song a little different but she wants to sing it how they intended. But then she stops singing and states that Samuel has a point.

How does Little Voice season 1, episode 2, “I Will Survive” end?

Before her performance, Bess throws up. When she gets on to the stage, she tries to tell a story but Samuel keeps on interrupting with the guitar strings because he knows “less is more”. Bess and Samuel begin their set with piano and guitar and she sings confidently. It is a small gig with a few people and the owner of the house refuses to pay.

Bess tries paying Samuel with her tips but he doesn’t want the money and they have a small argument. Bess then busks into the night and Samuel pays her money back into her hat. He gets a guitar and copies the song she is playing to persuade Bess to busk together. They sing “Valerie” — Amy Winehouse. Episode 2 is served to highlight that Bess’s confidence is growing and doubts are easing in another satisfactory chapter.

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