The Twelve season 1, episode 4 recap – “Marc”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 10, 2020 (Last updated: December 3, 2023)
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The Twelve season 1, episode 4 recap - "Marc"


As a new suspect emerges, “Marc” draws more explicit parallels between the show’s murder-mystery plot and its underlying themes.

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The Twelve episode 4 continues its trend of opening – and often bookending – episodes with flashbacks; “Marc” begins with the titular character being informed by Donald two years prior that Helen would be taking over and that Guy would not be arrested. After some poking around, the bloodstained attic space is turned up. Eerie.

In the present day, Marc breaks up and burns the same blood-stained planks. It’s more than a symbolic gesture. Arnold and Carl continue to have their personal subplots lightly developed, but in truth, they seem comparatively underwhelming, which is a problem that will persist throughout this season.

Court is where it’s at, and the press leaks are a point of consternation, though they don’t stop Marc taking the stand. Marc, though, doesn’t prove a great witness. What emerges from his testimony is a deep dislike of Stefaan, and quick anger brought on by Frie’s cross-examination. The nature of his relationship with Rose is brought into question and jealousy is posited as a motive. Carl, who is having on-going issues with his own daughter, sees something of a doting father in Marc, which reiterates the show’s point about impartiality. Even randomly-chosen judges, all seemingly normal, have quiet biases that determine their interpretation of the case.

Before long, Marc begins to emerge less as an unreliable witness and more an outright suspect. His attempts to line police pockets are raised and his intimate knowledge of certain details is put under scrutiny. He doesn’t come out looking good, to say the least, and that’s before the episode – among a medley of personal developments for the jurors, not quite worth mentioning just yet – closes with flashbacks to him slapping Britt during an argument.

This is the big takeaway from The Twelve season 1, episode 4, then. Marc’s character is suddenly called into question, and his knowledge and outbursts position him as a potential suspect. The direct parallel between him and Carl also really connects the show’s murder-mystery plot with its underlying themes, and the examination of a jury’s role and responsibility feels stronger for that.

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