DJ Cinderella review – a hopeless reimagining of a fairytale

July 13, 2020
Daniel Hart 0
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Netflix film DJ Cinderella


As far as teen comedies go, DJ Cinderella is difficult to recommend.

Netflix film DJ Cinderella was released on the platform on July 14, 2020, in the UK. This review of the comedy contains no spoilers.

I’m not opposed to reimagining tales in modern times. In fact, DJ Cinderella has a good blurb — a teen DJ looking to find her path but ends up catching the eye of a pop heartthrob. The entire basis is Cinderella but unfortunately, it fails to excite any imagination but its main problems are trying to modernize it rather than just embrace the tale — sometimes, it’s okay to be silly.

Netflix’s DJ Cinderella has that teen feeling but everything feels chopped up and pieced together with the director only concerned that the plot veers on the fairytale arc. Everything in between feels random and miscalculated, making it a rather less enjoyable experience.

Like the original, the lead character has a life of oppression from those who should protect her, but in a modern sense, it feels woefully immature as her stepmother does everything she can to ruin her life. DJ Cinderella spends plenty of time highlighting the step mother’s harshness towards the lead character, while occasionally slipping in the pop heartthrob (the prince). Not taking away from the performances, which are good, the Netflix film’s problem is direction, not the cast.

As far as teen comedies go, DJ Cinderella is difficult to recommend. There is some fun to be had with some of the gags but it’s difficult to imagine anyone walking away from this feeling satisfied. In fact, it could give you a slight headache because, despite its efforts, there’s too much nonsense.

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