Absentia season 3, episode 3 recap – what happened in “Nosce Inimicum”?

July 17, 2020
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Episode 3 is thrilling, expanding the story and raising the stakes even higher for Emily and her family.

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Episode 3 is thrilling, expanding the story and raising the stakes even higher for Emily and her family.

This recap of Amazon original series Absentia season 3, episode 3, “Nosce Inimicum” contains spoilers.

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How does Absentia season 3, episode 3, “Nosce Inimicum” open?

Nick has been beaten to a pulp and he’s being transported somewhere — he’s trapped in a coffin. Meanwhile, Flynn is worried about her father — Emily tells him that he only needs to believe updates from her and not what he sees on the news. Emily promises that he will find him. This is a significant promise to make, especially when she knows the seriousness of the situation and it could have repercussions later.

Emily cannot be involved

Julianne offers Emily support and explains that the FBI is working around the clock to find Nick. She suggests Nick could be dead but Emily insists the explosion was a diversion — she wants to help but Julianne tells her she cannot be involved with the investigation. It’s hilarious how Julianne expects Emily not to get involved — it never works. Also, this scene was rather tense between both women — they hate each other.

The bright rooms

Nick wakes up in a brightly lit and modernistic looking room in what looks like a strange-looking facility. There appear to be many rooms of the same kind when the camera pans to the CCTV. Cal tells Emily that he can keep her in the loop. He tells her that Kristoff would rather go to prison than cooperate with them — he’s scared. Meanwhile, Dawkins is watching them both. This is evidently a villain with no limits.

Giving Kristoff the deal

Emily visits Kristoff in the hospital and asks him to speak to Dawkins and offer a deal: the encrypted files in return for Nick. Kristoff explains that Dawkins will know who she is by now. Back to Nick; he’s given food by a woman in a white lab coat. The woman noticeably has scars down the left side of her face. She checks Nick’s temperature and pulse. Nick tells her that if she helps him, the FBI will reward her.

Dawkins infiltrates the hospital

Dawkins pretends to be hospital staff and takes Kristoff in a room. Kristoff updates him about Emily and then Dawkins strangles him to death while offering his sincere gratitude. Dawkins is chillingly sinister. The FBI receives an update and they want every agency to have a photo of Dawkins. Julianne is then shown CCTV footage of Emily in the hospital and asks Crown to bring her in.

Let me fix what I started

At the halfway point of Absentia season 3, episode 3, “Nosce Inimicum”, Emily tells Kai that she wants the files so she can free Nick. Kai is worried about her own life so doesn’t want to go in and speak to the FBI. Emily explains that Dawkins has Nick and she offered the files for Nick’s life. Kai is adamant that she can help by tagging Dawkins’ phone — “Let me fix what I started”. Suddenly, they hear a noise from the basement. When Emily gets upstairs, Agent Crown is there and wants to know what she has found. Emily states she walked away empty-handed and calls Crown “Julianne’s lapdog”. Emily refuses to go into the FBI offices so she needs to get information for Crown.

Crown begs for something off Emily so he doesn’t have to bring her in. Emily asks for 3 hours and that she will bring him back “something”.

The three hours begin

Kai jumps into Emily’s phone and insists she can help. Emily is annoyed but tells her to stay out of sight. Emily then rings Cal and asks for help. Meanwhile, Emily has eyes on Dawkins. Dawkins asks Emily to sit down in a public place and he asks where Kai is. Emily wants the files for Nick’s life but wants proof of life first. Meanwhile, Kai is hacking Dawkins’ phone. Dawkins shows evidence that Nick is alive — live CCTV footage.

Nick’s whereabouts

Nick escapes his room and then Emily shows Dawkins footage of a Prime Minister with two women taking part in sexual activities. Dawkins explains that these files are in the wrong hands and could be weaponised. Kai learns that Nick is not in the USA — he’s in Europe. It’s funny when Kai says Nick is in Europe — it’s a big continent — what country!? Got to love American naivety.

How does Absentia season 3, episode 3, “Nosce Inimicum” end?

Dawkins makes Emily aware that he knows Kai is nearby — “It’s either me or your new friend”. Emily runs to try and save Kai who is now in danger. Kai is thrown to the floor by a man. Cal chases after Dawkins. As the FBI reach Kai and shoot the man hurting her, she’s thrown off a high floor of the shopping mall. Cal also loses Dawkins. Emily reaches Kai who is in shock and she reassures her that everything is going to be okay. Episode 3 is thrilling, expanding the story and raising the stakes even higher for Emily and her family.

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