Absentia season 3, episode 4 recap – what happened in “Alea lacta Est”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 17, 2020 (Last updated: 2 weeks ago)
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Absentia season 3, episode 4 - Alea lacta Est


Episode 3 continues the momentum, showing mistrust amongst the FBI and a witty villain continually read to compromise Emily.

This recap of Amazon original series Absentia season 3, episode 4, “Alea lacta Est” contains spoilers.

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How does Absentia season 3, episode 4, “Alea lacta Est” open?

Emily is in the hospital with Kai in the ambulance and the young woman is crashing quickly with her health. Kai dies, providing the first tragedy in season 3 — the effect on Emily is upsetting. She had a bond with this woman quickly and let her down. Emily believes someone is feeding Dawkins information from the FBI — Emily may as well disconnect from the FBI completely at this point.

Julianne and Emily go head to head

Emily updates the FBI about the live feed of Nick alive in Europe from Dawkins. Julianne questions Emily into why she was meeting Dawkins. Emily gets angry with Julianne with the “Red tape b*llshit” and states she cannot work with people she cannot trust. Julianne clears the room and Emily insinuates that someone in the FBI is keeping Dawkins two steps in front — Julianne reminds Emily how accusations like that can cause irreparable damage. Emily then brings up Julianne’s lethal force on Alice and the pair argue over the actions that night. Emily gives her a strong punch and tells Julianne she quits. Emily’s lack of care for rejoining the FBI gives her a rogue look for season 3 and it’s frankly wonderful.

Old school internet cafe

Emily heads to an internet café and looks at the memory stick she was given by Kai. An authorization is required so that provides a problem. Meanwhile, Nick is asked for the location of the stolen files from the woman in the white lab coat. He’s told that Kai is dead. Nick gives no information so he’s injected him with something.

Too much pain caused.

At the midway point of Absentia season 3, episode 4, “Alea lacta Est”, Emily meets Cal at the restaurant regarding forensic findings and tells him that Dawkins is still in Boston. She also reveals she has Meridian files and Cal seems a little impacted by that information, wondering what’s in them. Cal tells her Kai’s death was not her fault but his words are not enough; Emily is crippled with guilt. After three seasons, Emily feels that she has caused too much pain.

Shipping logs

Cal and Emily head to the shipping port where Nick was likely to be transported. They check out the shipping logs. They note a similar date and time to Berlin with the name Jericho.

Making it very personal

Dawkins heads to the swimming pool where Flynn is and then rings Emily. He tells her that he wants the file or he will refocus his attention on her family. The villain is making it personal — panicked, Emily rings her father and asks him to pick Flynn up. Flynn senses he is being followed and hides behind a locker in the changing room as Dawkins lurks around. Flynn’s grandfather arrives and picks him up. Emily tells them to leave town immediately — she gives her father money so they can hide. Meanwhile, Cal is watching them secretly. There’s something not quite right with him — this is evidently linked to him. Meanwhile, Nick is getting psychologically tortured.

How does Absentia season 3, episode 4, “Alea lacta Est” end?

Emily asks her friend to replace the data to make it look the same but not be exactly a replica. Cal calls and explains they have a lead on Dawkins. The FBI infiltrates a hotel they believe Dawkins to be in but he’s not there.

Emily returns to her trashed house — Cal calls to update her that Dawkins is not there and he notes that she doesn’t sound surprised. Emily tells him that she’s sorry and that he hopes he isn’t disappointed. Outside of her house, a car pulls up and Emily gets in — Dawkins is inside. She tells Dawkins she has the files for Nick’s life.

Episode 3 continues the momentum, showing mistrust amongst the FBI and a witty villain continually read to compromise Emily.

Additional points
  • Julianne updates her boss about Meridian and that Emily won’t be a problem anymore.
  • During dinner plans, Julianne tells her date about Emily. Her date states that she cares too much about her career which is why Emily bugs her so much. Cal is outside the restaurant, spying on his boss.
  • Nick starts seeing Alice during his torture. He’s losing his mind.

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