Cursed season 1, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 17, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Netflix series Cursed season 1, episode 10 - The Sacrifice


Episode 10 concludes the first season that just passes the acid test — it has the potential to become a better series as long as the writing improves.

This recap of Netflix series Cursed season 1, episode 10, “The Sacrifice” contains significant spoilers.

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How does Cursed season 1, episode 10, “The Sacrifice” open?

Episode 10 opens up with Iris setting a dead body on fire. She’s clearly putting her own evil plans in motion. Nimue and Arthur wake up in bed together. It feels like the calm before the storm. Arthur asks if the sex was good and she says “it was different; it was lovely”. The pair then discuss their snore and whimpers in their sleep and tease each other. Episode 10 brings a soft moment before all the drama begins.

The Fey must go on the ships

They are then alerted to the fire and the dead body. Arthur insists the Fey are going on the ships today. Meanwhile, Iris kills another Fey person.

I don’t want anyone else hurt because of me

Merlin is weak after the poison in “Sacrifice”. He tells Nimue that she should give him to Uther as a bargaining chip. Nimue doesn’t want anyone else to be hurt and wishes she had more time with Merlin. Arthur tries to ease tension with Wroth between Fey and Man Blood. He tells Wroth he can be a new chief of a new age. Arthur offers his blood to persuade him. Wroth calls him a brave fool but it is clearly enough to persuade him.

Widow visits Morgana

Morgana is confronted by the Widow and she tells her she has been touched by the Cailleach and given her unnatural sight. Widow offers to help her. Widow flees and Nimue asks Morgana if she’s okay. Morgana tells her she is leaving to find another way. Nimue gives Morgana her sword and tells her to escape. This is a risky move by Nimue who has put her plans in motion.

Arthur wants to stay

Arthur asks Nimue if he can stay but Nimue tells him that she needs him with the others for the ships. She asks him to promise that he will go. The pair reminisce over how they met. Nimue says goodbye to Pym in an emotional embrace — you always sense something is coming.

Remember what I did for you.

The Weeping Monk asks Father Carden if he loves him even if he is damned. Carden reminds him he was demon-born but he saved him from the fire and helped him on his road to salvation — “You have to have the will, to do what is necessary”. The Weeping Monk agrees that he knows what to do but you always get this feeling that he is not truly on board.

Merlin visits King Uther

Merlin arrives at King Uther’s place. He asks the King what his intention is with Nimue. Uther doesn’t give an answer and Merlin groans in pain — he is dying from the Fisherman’s arrow. Uther reveals that his mother is dead and Merlin states he is proud of him and that he still has the chance to earn his right of the King — Uther is angry that Merlin knew all along about the midwife. Merlin asks if he will keep his promise and then Uther’s men stab him and take him away. Meanwhile, Arthur leads the Fey to the boats and they see them in the distance.

The raven arrives

Niume receives a raven that the ships have arrived and the King has kept his word. Niume rides out thinking that the Fey are safe.

Morgana learns of Niume’s fate

At the halfway point of Cursed season 1, episode 10, “The Sacrifice”, Morgana looks at the sword in the woods and Celia appears. Morgana tells her she doesn’t feel she is ready but Celia tells her she has the sword and by taking it to Cailleach, the Fey will be saved. And then Celia says this is where Nimue’s journey ends and Morgana walks off — she’s worried that Nimue is going to die.

My sword

Nimue turns up in Uther’s tent without the sword. Uther asks where the sword is and Nimue asks for Gawain and Squirrel to be released or the sword will not be in his hands. Carden asks for Nimue off Uther but Nimue does not care — “Torture me. Skin me to my bones. I’ll never tell you”. Nimue is ready to die for her kind in a fast-moving finale.

Nimue calls it “my sword” and Uther laughs — he asks his men to guard her. Morgana arrives at the army base but Widow suddenly strangles her — “Did I not warn you?”.

The ambush on the coast

Suddenly at the coast, Arthur and the Fey are attacked by Cumber the Ice King’s army. Arthur demands that they fight. Cumber is updated that the Fey convoy has been cut off. Wroth is killed in battle. The daughter of Cumber approaches Carden stating they upheld their end of the deal. Carden announces that the False King has chosen the Fey over God and he wants the Wolf-Blood Witch. Meanwhile, the raiders show up and help Arthur and the Fey and the battle continues.

Squirrel is saved and there is a further tragedy

One of The Red Paladins threatens to cut off Squirrel’s tongue but The Weeping Monk saves him — he’s chosen to help his kind in the finale. Gawain is thrown to Nimue but he’s dead and she sobs over his body. Nimue is activated and her powers start to shake the land around her before she collapses. The Red Paladins arrive to find her.

The Weeping Monk versus the Trinity Guard

Abbot catches The Weeping Monk saving Squirrel in “Sacrifice”. The Weeping Monk prepares to fight the Trinity Guard and he kills the first wave. Abbot sends in the second wave. Squirrel helps and The Weeping Monk continues to kill more of them. Abbot runs off. This was a cool scene seeing The Weeping Monk fight against all odds. The Red Paladins take Nimue to Carden. He tells her that he’s going to send her back to hell. As he raises his sword, the Widow appears and gives her the Sword. Nimue chops off Carden’s head. Morgana tells Nimue that she’s become the Widow and warns that Merlin is about to die. We have no idea why Morgana has turned into the Widow but season 2 will probably explain this.

Iris finally makes her mark

Nimue and Morgana drag Merlin to the Rabbit’s Cross in the hope they can lose The Red Paladins. Merlin asks them to leave him as he can’t go any further. Nimue asks Morgana to look after him while she goes back for Squirrel but when she turns around, Iris stands with an arrow and shoots Nimue in the chest. Nimue continues to walk towards her as Iris keeps shooting. She hangs off the bridge ledge and Merlin holds on to his daughter. Nimue falls and Merlin sobs in pain. Iris has been plotting all series but it’s an impactful moment when she finally shows her hand. Nimue is now presumed dead and she is the sacrifice.

Merlin activates

Iris draws another arrow as Merlin grabs the sword and a storm starts — Merlin’s powers have returned and his eyes light up. He kills all the Red Paladins approaching him. Electric energy draws from his hands as he kills more Red Paladins — he grabs Morgana and they disappear. Iris escapes.

How does Cursed season 1, episode 10, “The Sacrifice” and end?

The Weeping Monk and Squirrel ride together — they made it out alive. The Weeping Monk reveals his origin name is Lancelot. The Holy Trinity adds a new warrior of God to their ranks — sister Iris. As she is announced, a bloody Nimue is in the water – again, presumed dead. Episode 10 concludes the first season that just passes the acid test — it has the potential to become a better series as long as the writing improves.

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