Cursed season 1, episode 9 recap – what happened in “Poisons”?

July 17, 2020
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Episode 9 is a bubbling penultimate episode that is a little muddled but it has enough to propel the story for a good finale.

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Episode 9 is a bubbling penultimate episode that is a little muddled but it has enough to propel the story for a good finale.

This recap of Netflix series Cursed season 1, episode 9, “Poisons” contains significant spoilers.

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How does Cursed season 1, episode 9, “Poisons” open?

Episode 9 opens with a panicked Merlin riding across land. He’s hit by an arrow. It’s the Fisherman and the arrow is dipped in poison. Merlin takes the arrow out of his chest and stabs Fisherman and kills him. Merlin is struggling with the poison in him which will evidently become important later. Episode 9 puts the pressure on Nimue, with her plans not as clear cut as she thought.

Protect the food supplies

At Gramaire, Lord Ector suggests that they surrender. Nimue asks the guards to protect the food supplies. Arthur tells Nimue that if food goes low, he will be worried about the Fey and townspeople fighting. Nimue apologizes to Arthur and they hug. Meanwhile, Uther tells her mother that he’s leading the siege but she tells him The Red Paladins are already leading it. Tensions are rising between Uther and his mother.

Use the sword

Morgana tells Nimue to let the sword guide her and to stop running. Nimue has many decisions to make but she doesn’t want to become a monster.

Hand yourself to Cumber

Merlin visits Nimue at Gramaire. Nimue still does not trust him but Merlin states they need to work together to protect her — he tells her that Nimue can be in Cumber’s prison and she will be protected as long as she passes him the sword. Nimue is worried about the fate of the Fey and rejects his idea and asks Merlin to stay the night as a guest.

The siblings talk

Arthur wants to talk to Morgana as they are blood. Morgana admits that seeing her uncle leaves a bitter taste and she’s annoyed that Arthur asked for his blessing. Arthur explains that he was 12 years old with debts and starts to cry — Arthur wanted honour.

Arthur notices that something troubles Morgana and that she is removed but she resists his care. Morgana insists that she will not allow Nimue to give up the sword. As Arthur leaves, Morgana reveals a dead bloody dog. There are many moving parts in the penultimate episode that could go anywhere in the finale.

Uther kills Queen Mother

At the midway point of Cursed season 1, episode 9, “Poisons”, The Weeping Monk brings The Green Knight to Father Carden. Meanwhile, Uther has poisoned his mother and he watches her slowly die as he reveals that he knows she killed his real mother. As she dies, he pretends to be upset as he asks for his assistant. Uther is desperate and willing to do anything to hold on to power.

A negotiation

The Pendragon army gives Nimue the terms of a surrender — give up Gramaire and answer to her crimes by living naturally in Uther’s dungeons. Nimue asks what will happen with the Fey and the negotiator states they can return to their homes. Nimue points out that the Fey has no homes and that if Uther guarantees safety and protection of her kind, she will give up the sword. Morgana is fuming. Meanwhile, Gawain is tortured by the Red Paladin. It seems Nimue is willing to do anything to protect her kind and she’s less interested in power.

Do not defy Nimue

Nimue is alerted of some Fey fighting with humans. Ector calls them animals and as a brief scuffle emerges, Nimue gets out the sword and asks one of the Fey what is on his hand and he says “Man blood” and laughs. Nimue claims the Fey man has defied her and she cuts off his hands. This is the most brutal Nimue has been since the series started — the sword is making her more powerful and she’s showing less mercy.

The revelation of The Weeping Monk

Gawain asks The Weeping Monk if he’s here to watch him die. Gawain tells The Weeping Monk that he knows it is all lies and calls him his brother. Gawain tells The Weeping Monk that he destroys families and it makes him guilty — he asks him to fight on their side as the greatest warrior — “Your people need you // tell them what they are”. The scene suggests The Weeping Monk is Fey.

The Age of Men is here

Nimue asks Merlin if this is what it feels like (referring to the sword). She doesn’t want to give up the sword but asks if giving it up will save the Fey. Merlin states that the Age of Men is here and that Nimue cannot change the fate of the Fey. Merlin explains that any fool can die but living takes imagination — “Please take the Ice King’s offer”.


Squirrel tries to save Gawain but he tells him to leave as his legs do not work. Squirrel sobs and hugs Gawain but then he is captured.

The Holy Trinity versus The King of England

Carden meets Uther and hoped that he would have cooperated with him. Abbot proposes a swap — the sword for the witch. Uther declines, saying he wants to keep Nimue until the passions die. Carden is fuming. Squirrel is brought to Carden and Squirrel spits in his face. The Weeping Monk tells Carden that he’s just a boy — “No threat to us”. Carden slaps the monk for embarrassing him. The question for the finale is — will The Weeping Monk switch sides?

How does Cursed season 1, episode 9, “Poisons” end?

Arthur visits Nimue and she makes him aware that King Uther has offered ships to the Fey in return for her surrender. Arthur says they need to find another way but Nimue states there is no other way. Nimue tells Arthur he must lead the others to the ships. Arthur sobs and Nimue holds him and the pair have sex. Eydis, daughter of Cumber talks to Carden — “You asked for our help to kill the Wolf-Blood Witch. Our father says yes”. Episode 9 is a bubbling penultimate episode that is a little muddled but it has enough to propel a story for a good finale.

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