Cursed season 1, episode 6 recap – what happened in “Festa and Moreii”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 17, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Cursed season 1, episode 6 - Festa and Moreii


Episode 6 is the best chapter at this point because it works at the story and delivers context that is not half-assed.

This recap of Netflix series Cursed season 1, episode 6, “Festa and Moreii” contains significant spoilers.

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How does Cursed season 1, episode 6, “Festa and Moreii” open?

Episode 6 brings much-needed context around Merlin and Nimue after 5 episodes of skirting around the issue. It beings with Carden narrating how they will starve the Fey out if they do not reveal themselves. Scenes show crop fields being burned.

Nimue insists she needs to see Merlin

Nimue states she has to go to Merlin but Gawain protests against it. Both Arthur and Gawain fight over who should escort her. Nimue makes it simple and asks Kaze to escort her while both men play with their egos. Morgana wants to go with her as well as she wants the war to end. Nimue, Kaze, and Morgana ride out.

A farewell and thank you by King Uther

Merlin and Uther meet — Merlin states he is off to get his prize, the sword. Uther wishes Merlin a safe journey and thanks him for rediscovering his loyalty to the crown. Lunete, the mother, asks one of her men to spy on Merlin. It’s evident that there’s no trust between Merlin and the king — there’s a hesitation in the air that’s abundantly obvious.

Scarce resources

Back at Nemos, the Red Paladins have cut off many of their food supplies. Arthur warns that they are being lured and it is bait. Gawain claims he does not ride with men he doesn’t trust. The two men keep on flexing their needless muscles at each other — it’s quite embarrassing.

Nimue meets Merlin

Nimue and co continue to ride and they reach an abandoned and broken castle. Nimue wants to meet Merlin alone and get assurances. As Nimue heads inside, Merlin tells her she looks like her mother Lenore. He admits to loving her. Nimue has plenty of questions regarding her childhood, but Merlin says it is best to discuss later and by handing over the sword, she will be safe.

Suddenly she hears whispers and Nimue asks who else is in the castle. Merlin explains they are Festa and Moreii, born of rival clans, who hid in the castle long ago and drank hemlock so they would never be separated. Nimue says she has a voice of her own and wants to know why Merlin left her in order to gain trust. Merlin explains that Festa and Moreii can help her see the past with her own eyes.

Sitting with the lovers and visions

At the midway point of Cursed season 1, episode 6, “Festa and Moreii”, Merlin shows Nimue where Festa and Moreii died and asks her to sit — she’s told visions from the dead lovers will come. She sees an injured Merlin walking through the woods and collapsing near the rock table in the House of the Hidden. Lenore finds the injured Merlin and he wants to die. Lenore sees an object inside of Merlin’s shoulder that needs to be removed — it’s a source of poison. While using Fey magic, Lenore removes the object from Merlin. As she pulls it out, it’s the sword.

A new perspective for Nimue

Lenore knew who Merlin was and the pair bonded. When Nimue is finished with the visions she now knows her mother harbored a fugitive and gave in to her desires. Nimue questions why Merlin brought his daughter here with no offer of supper. Merlin gets anxious and says he will find her food. These scenes do well to provide that apprehension between a disconnected father and daughter.

Merlin teaches Nimue how to harness her power.

Merlin tells Nimue that she could be great if she harnessed her powers via The Hidden. He makes her angry on purpose by criticising her mother. He tells her to release her intention to The Hidden. Nimue uses her power by thinking about the person she loves.

Merlin eyes the sword and states he will never wield it again. He warns that the sword will change her the longer she has it. Nimue explains that she knows every enemy can be defeated with the sword. Merlin asks her to trust him but Nimue wants more visions from the past. She’s pulling his chain at this point — we ain’t stupid.

More visions from the past for Nimue

The visions start with Merlin and Lenore having sex. The pair are in love with each other. They talk about marriage and Lenore talks about a promise she made to Jonah, but that she doesn’t love him.

In the visions, Merlin’s power suddenly stops working and he doesn’t know why. Believing it is something to do with the sword, Merlin gets angry for Lenore for hiding the sword. She claims to have broken it. Merlin calls her a hateful thing. Lenore picks up the sword when Merlin walks off. Lenore tells Merlin to leave as she is going to marry Jonah — “If you love me, let this be the last time I see your face.”

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When the visions stop, Merlin is on the ground asleep. Nimue asks Festa and Moreii to show her what Merlin doesn’t want her to see. The visions show a murderous Merlin killing innocent families. Nimue calls Merlin a murderer and Merlin asks Nimue how many she has killed recently. Merlin asks Nimue to let him destroy the sword as her mother gambled that he had become a better man. He promises he will try and protect the Fey.

Meanwhile, an army approaches outside the castle; Morgana and Kaze warn Nimue that the Pendragon soldiers have arrived. Nimue assumes that Merlin has betrayed her and tells him she doesn’t want to see his face again before fleeing. Like mother, like daughter.

How does Cursed season 1, episode 6, “Festa and Moreii” end?

Merlin gets angry at the army for turning up, accusing them of taking the sword away from the King. Meanwhile, Arthur accuses Gawain of not listening to him because he’s human. One of the teenagers wants to be Arthur’s Squire. Suddenly, an arrow hits the teenager in the neck. The Weeping Monk is shooting at them. Episode 6 is the best chapter at this point because it works at the story and delivers context that is not half-assed.

Additional points
  • Arthur and Gawain talk about the battles that have stayed with them.
  • Iris asks Squirrel to show her how to use a bow. The pair argue with each other before Squirrel offers to show her. He gives her lessons on archery.

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