Cursed season 1, episode 7 recap – what happened in “Bring Us In Good Ale”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 17, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Netflix series Cursed season 1, episode 7 - Bring Us In Good Ale


Episode 7 raises the stakes and puts Nimue at a higher level of power as she becomes established with the Fey, The series appears to be getting stronger with the plot at this stage.

This recap of Netflix series Cursed season 1, episode 7, “Bring Us In Good Ale” contains significant spoilers.

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How does Cursed season 1, episode 7, “Bring Us In Good Ale” open?

Episode 7 begins with Arthur fighting The Weeping Monk. On Gawain’s side, they are attacked by The Red Paladins. Gawain helps Arthur and they run on foot. The group is suddenly trapped inside a windmill, completely surrounded. Episode 7 forces both men to work together, rather than fighting over Nimue.

The cursed battlefield — sounds like a bad idea

Nimue and Morgana walk through a battlefield where 20,000 men fell in the past. Kaze joins the group and does not want to stay as she senses evil. They find refuge in a cave and hope the Pendragon Soldiers follow their horses instead. This seemed like a silly plan as it was obvious that evil was going to come to them, but it at least added to the drama.

The fisherman has orders

Rugen sends a message to the Fisherman to get revenge for the Lord and find Merlin. So not only does Merlin need to find a way of getting the Sword and saving his daughter but he now has an assassin over his back.

A moment of madness from Nimue

Nimue, Kaze, and Morgana walk through the caves and see drawings on the wall that shows demons and people. As they continue to walk further into the cave, an eeriness runs through the air. Nimue remembers what Merlin said about the sword and how it will change her. Kaze tells Nimue she is stronger than Merlin and that she should lead. Nimue gets angry, stating there is no hope for the Fey and throws the sword to the bottom of the cave. A moment of madness and she cannot quite understand why she did it. Morgana offers to go get it. This was weak writing really — surely there could have been a better story for why Niume throws the sword down to the pit of the caves rather than just a random flash of anger.

The Weeping Monk gets serious

Arthur and Gawain are still surrounded. Squirrel arrives claiming that he can rescue them but it seems a feeble statement. The Weeping Monk walks up to the windmill and Gawain tries to shoot him with an arrow but to no avail. The Weeping Monk grabs Bergerum who is still alive and says that if they send out The Green Knight (Gawain) then he will show some mercy. The monk starts torturing Bergerum. Gawain wants to leave the windmill and Arthur concedes. When Gawain leaves the door of the windmill, Arthur shoots Bergerum to kill him so The Weeping Monk cannot blackmail their lives.

Merlin wants his promise delivered

Merlin meets the midwife from the story he told to the King’s mother and says he has lived up to his promise and she must live up to hers — “Say your goodbyes”. He is playing his last move.

Morgana meets an unexpected person

At the midway point of Cursed season 1, episode 7, “Bring Us In Good Ale”, Morgana continues to travel through the depths of the caves. Kaze is fretting, wondering where Morgana is. Nimue insists she will return; she then tells Kaze she is Merlin’s daughter. Kaze tells her to keep that secret to the grave and that she will learn. Morgana sees Celia in the caves and they hug. Celia explains she escaped the fires. Meanwhile, Kaze tells Nimue that this place fears her. They both hear something so Kaze goes to find Morgana.

Plenty of words for Morgana

Celia and Morgana catch up in “Bring Us In Good Ale”. Celia says it was Cailleach (the demon in the caves) that helped them find each other and that she has a message — “Your destiny is much greater than you believe”. She then tells Morgana that she will decide who holds the Sword of Power. Celia explains she is no longer among the living and she is talking through the Cailleach and asks Morgana to seek the man in front of the bell tower. As Celia touches Morgana, a spider slowly crawls into Morgana’s mouth and she accepts it. They hear Kaze and Celia tells Morgana that if she follows the Cailleach’s orders, they will see each other again.

Morgana has plenty of thinking to do.

The windmill is on fire

Nimue remembers her time with Arthur and senses he is in trouble. Kaze and Morgana have found the sword. Meanwhile, the windmill is on fire. Gawain offers to be the bait to offer Arthur and co more time. Gawain asks them to lead the Fey back to the camp. Arthur tells Gawain that he is joining him out there and asks if he loves Nimue as he wants to know if he is fighting a rival or a brother. Gawain claims she is a sister to him and that Arthur can marry her twice — “We die as brothers”. Thank f*ck these two finally sorted this squabble out, in the most desperate of times.

Gawain and Arthur head out and fight them all as the Fey escape. As the fight continues, the fire swirls into a tornado that distracts everyone. Kaze grabs Gawain and Arthur and they run. The Red Paladins are confused in the swirling fire and smoke. Nimue caused it with her powers.

Evidence for King Cumber

Merlin meets King Cumber and introduces him to the midwife — the eyewitness that Uther is not the legitimate King as she saw the dead baby boy with her own eyes. With the evidence to dismantle the King, Merlin wants something in return. Meanwhile, the Fisherman spies on Merlin.

How does Cursed season 1, episode 7, “Bring Us In Good Ale” end?

Gawain, Arthur, Nimue, and co arrive back at Nemos. Nimue and Arthur are happy to be together again. Gawain tells Nimue that everyone is losing hope and all they have now is her.

Nimue stands up and gives a speech. She shows the sword of  “the people” — “I will be your shield”. She vows that the Fey will live free again and states this is the Sword of the First Queen. Everyone chants “Fey Queen”. In the crowd, Iris is crying but not in happiness. Meanwhile, Morgana seems entranced by the spider in her. Episode 7 raises the stakes and puts Nimue at a higher level of power as she becomes established with the Fey. The series appears to be getting stronger with the plot at this stage.

Additional points
  • Pym is still a healer on the ship. She tells Red Spear that if she’s after gold, she should go after The Red Paladins. Red Spear takes her advice and gold is sought. Later in the episode, Pym is asked to fight and Dof gives her a weapon. They are quickly attacked by Red Paladins and she is thrown to the floor.

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