Cursed season 1, episode 8 recap – what happened in “The Fey Queen”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 17, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Netflix series Cursed season 1, episode 8 - The Fey Queen


Episode 8 has all the prepping for war as the series leads to a certain ending.

This recap of Netflix series Cursed season 1, episode 8, “The Fey Queen” contains significant spoilers.

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How does Cursed season 1, episode 8, “The Fey Queen” open?

The Weeping Monk has found the Fey hideout and he returns a message to Father Carden. Arthur is introduced to Druna, the smuggler who claims she can move her people in six days. Nimue considers it. Episode 8 raises the stakes — the series needs it — the Fey are truly in trouble now.

Safety plans

Nimue holds a meeting about their safety but then they are alerted — “They are coming”. She states they need six days shelter so they need to take back Gramaire temporarily — “This is our only chance of survival.” Nimue is taking to leadership instantly. Meanwhile, King Cumber’s people are told to spread the story of the “False King” Uther. Merlin asks Cumber for the safety of Nimue. Father Carden arrives at the camp for a feast and Merlin is surprised that he is featuring in negotiations.

I am the Queen Mother

Uther tells his mother that there are mobs chanting “false king”. She tells him she is not his mother and that he is not the true king — “I placed you on the seat of power”. As Uther cries, the mother tells him she is the Queen Mother and he will do as she says.

The small meeting

Carden offers Cumber the Church — but Merlin states that the Holy Trinity offers no power here. Cumber denies Carden’s offer. Carden is relaxed, stating that the Fey’s existence will be removed forever.

Taking Gramaire

The Weeping Monk and The Red Paladins move towards the Fey hideout and see it is empty. The Weeping Monk tells them to burn it all. Nimue approaches Gramaire holding up her sword to distract the Red Paladins as the Fey are nestled inside the walls. She’s emptying Gramaire. The Red Paladins approach her as she puts the sword into the ground. The trees come alive and she kills them all. Nimue shows herself again outside Gramaire and the second wave of Red Paladins is scared. She asks them to surrender. Episode 8 demonstrates Nimue’s power and the fear she can spread if she uses it.

Nimue feels weak

Nimue gets out her sword but she feels weak from using so much power. One of the Red Paladins fights over and she struggles. She drops the sword but manages to pick it up again and asks for her power back. Nimue cuts the Red Paladin in half with the sword. Gawain and co then point their arrows at The Red Paladins and they all flee. They have captured Gramaire.

The mark on her hand

Nimue has passed out but when she wakes up, Pym is looking over her — they both quickly catch up excitedly. When Nimue looks at her hand, she sees a mark and remembers Merlin had the same one when the sword turned him. Arthur tells his uncle Lord Ector they will only be at Gramaire for 6 days. His uncle disagrees with the notion of a Fey Queen and dismisses his nephew. Arthur is still struggling with his past and family.

The dead man outside the bell tower

At the halfway point of Cursed season 1, episode 8, “The Fey Queen,” Morgana sees the dead man outside the bell tower just like Celia told her. When she enters, Yeva is tending to a dying Red Paladin. Meanwhile, Pym asks Nimue to try to use her powers to heal Dof. She tries but she is too weak. As Dof dies, he says “My Pym”. As Morgana washes her hand, she hears the Widow enter the room. The dying Red Paladin gasps for air. It’s unclear at this point what it all means.

A Warning

Cumber is warned about the Fey Queen by his daughter Eydis. Cumber becomes frustrated, calling her a peasant witch. Eydis warns Cumber that if she has the sword, she has a stake for power and that she must be conquered. This puts Merlin in a precarious position as he’s trying to negotiate with these people.

Taking her seat

Nimue thanks Lord Ector and states Gramaire will be returned to him after they leave. Nimue also asks for the seat and shows the sword. Ector leaves his seat and asks if they all feel safe here. He claims that they have doomed themselves and tells Nimue to enjoy her brief reign. Nimue unties her sword and places it down on the seat and sits down. While alone, Arthur tells Nimue that the seat suits her. Nimue is still weak and Arthur is worried that everyone knows where she is now. Nimue asks Arthur if its the title that bothers him and he walks off angry. This is the first time we see Nimue accept power but the sword is clearly impacting her decisions at this stage.

A name has been given

Widow appears in front of Merlin and she tells him that a name has been given and shows herself as the appearance of Nimue. Widow explains that fate is now fixed. Merlin asks how much time — “Days, hours”. He begs Widow — “Please, not her”. Merlin asks Cumber if Nimue will be safe in his community. Cumber suggests not but Merlin says he is foolish, taking away the wisdom of ancient kings. Merlin tells Cumber that Nimue is no threat to him but Cumber says her followers are. Merlin rides out and the Fisherman still lurks. Cumber will at least keep Nimue as a prisoner.

Nimue is turning

The Weeping Monk attacks Gawain and they fight. The Weeping Monk manages to win but he wants him alive. Meanwhile, Nimue holds the sword and hears pained screaming. Arthur enters the room and says they need to get to the ships. Nimue tells Arthur she hears dead screams in the sword and that it frightens her that she finds it comforting. Arthur tells her to put the sword down and they argue again. Nimue wants to fight and lifts up the sword. Arthur asks if it’s the sword talking or her. Nimue is starting to follow her father’s footsteps with the sword taking over.

How does Cursed season 1, episode 8, “The Fey Queen” end?

More bad news arrives — as Nimue accepts they must go to the ships, the head of the smuggler is delivered to her — there will be no ships. Outside there’s a commotion and Kaze states she has been ambushed by The Weeping Monk outside the gates, there are two armies — The Red Paladins and the Pendragons. Episode 8 has all the prepping for war as the series leads to a certain ending.

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