Cursed season 1, episode 4 recap – what happened in “The Red Lake”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 17, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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There’s a stark improvement in episode 4 with the characters fully embedded and intentions clarified.

This recap of Netflix series Cursed season 1, episode 4, “The Red Lake” contain significant spoilers.

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How does Cursed season 1, episode 4, “The Red Lake” open?

Episode 4 opens up with Morgana hitting herself with a rock. She tells Carden that the witch attacked her and headed to Hawksbridge. Carden states that this is war and throws Abbess Nora into a cage. As Morgana is dragged inside, Iris tells Carden that she wants to be a Red Paladin. Episode 4 is about allegiances as a war brews over the sword.

Heading to Gramaire

Nimue heads to Gramaire. She’s found by a man named Dizier that offers to take her on the road in his carriage. Dizier wants to take her to Nemos for refuge. Nimue insists that she has to go to Gramaire as it’s vital for their survival. Dizier agrees to take her close to Gramaire but it’s evident he is concerned. Meanwhile, Aaron finds Pym who looked traumatised. Aaron’s mother wants to be rid of Pym because she’s Fey kind but Aaron claims he will marry her. Pym has found herself in an awkward situation and she clearly does not want to marry Aaron.

You have lost your magic

The Zombie looking villagers take Merlin to Lord Rugen. Rugen tells Merlin that Carden is bad for business and that the king does nothing. Merlin says that they must possess the sword themselves and give it to Rugen, but the Lord suggests that Merlin has lost his magic. Merlin offers Rugen the torque for the dead Queen. Meanwhile, Iris is following Morgana as she’s grown suspicious of her. She tells Morgana that she allowed the snake into the house and allowed it to deceive her. Morgana is in trouble at this point with Iris desperate for power.

A monk on a mission

A guard stops Dizier’s carriage. They ask what their business is and Dizier manages to blag it. Meanwhile, Arthur escapes and runs into the woods.

Dizier drops Nimue off near Gramaire and gives her a knife. He tells her to be safe and says it is not too late to reconsider. But it’s clear that Nimue believes she has a higher purpose and her determination serves well in the plot.

Morgana escapes

Cursed season 1, episode 4, “The Red Lake” sees Morgana needing a way out. As Iris looks for a sign, Morgana packs her things to escape. Celia helps Morgana leave and asks her to live. Morgana tells her the abbey is the only home she’s ever known. Morgana asks Celia to join her but she wants to stay. They have a farewell hug and kiss and Morgana departs.

Take me to the sword

Nimue wants to see Lord Ector, clearly looking for Arthur but she doesn’t have to wait for long as an escaped Arthur sees her. Nimue calls him a “Lying b*stard”. Arthur tells her the sword has gone. The pair argue and Nimue demands that Arthur shows him where the sword went.

Time for revenge

Arthur asks Nimue if the sword is worth her life but she insists it is. Nimue sees Dizier’s carriage has been attacked and all are dead apart from the little girl who she cannot find. Nimue hears whispers and mystical sounds and ventures into the woods. The whispering intensifies and she finds the sword at the back of The Red Paladins carriage. Filled with anger and revenge in her veins, she heads down to the river with the sword where The Red Paladins are cleaning themselves. She emerges from underwater and fights The Red Paladins, killing most of them, but one starts drowning her underwater. Arthur saves her. This scene is significant as her violence makes the lake red. She’s a different power now and she’s sending a message.

Leave me alone

Arthur follows Nimue in the woods and she tells him to leave him alone. They hear creaks in the woods and its Amvri, one of the Snake folk daughters that were in Dizier’s carriage. Carden finds the dead Red Paladins and tells The Grey Monk that Nimue is taunting him. Meanwhile, Iris helps set the Abbey on fire.

How does Cursed season 1, episode 4, “The Red Lake” end?

Rugen realizes that his keys are missing and Merlin wants the Fey fire. Merlin takes some of the Fey fire in a bottle but then he is chased by one of Rugen’s afflicted villagers. He manages to get away. While venturing through the woods, Nimue meets the Snake clan and others who have found a place of refuge. Nimue tells Arthur they have arrived at Nemos, their home. There’s a stark improvement in episode 4 with the characters fully embedded and intentions clarified.

Additional points
  • As Pym walks through the village, Pym sees a woman getting burned who they claim to be a witch.
  • Rugen shows Merlin the famed treasure hall and shows the Fey fire. Rugen places the torque on the deceased Queen.
  • Pym meets a raider who she’s attracted to.

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