Cursed season 1, episode 3 recap – what happened in “Alone”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 17, 2020 (Last updated: February 7, 2024)
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Cursed season 1, episode 3 - Alone


Episode 3 deepens the story but some themes feel slightly rushed.

This recap of Netflix series Cursed season 1, episode 3, “Alone” contain significant spoilers.

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How does Cursed season 1, episode 3, “Alone” open?

Episode 3 opens with a young Arthur who is told that his father has been hurt in a fight. His dying father tells him some men need courage not to kill — “Bring back our honor”. In the present, Arthur is on his own adventure. Episode 3 delves into Arthur’s intentions as he separates from Nimue.

The abbey

Nimue wakes up peacefully in an abbey and she sees a nun looking at her. She quickly realizes her sword is gone. Nun Iris explains that Nimue is safe now. Igraine asks Iris to leave and then slaps Nimue and asks her not to talk to anyone. Nimue learns that Arthur has taken the sword and leaves the abbey. The Red Paladins are everywhere so she quickly needs to hide inside again.

The Infirmary

Igraine calls Nimue crazy for trying to leave. Abbess Nora enters the room; Nimue lies and says she is called Alice. Nora tells Nimue that she can help in the Infirmary. When she arrives at the Infirmary, there’s a dying Red Paladin and the other riders claim that a Fey girl did this to him. Branches are entwined inside and out of his body and he’s about to suffer a horrible death. Nimue is asked to get dressing but then she overhears Carden claim he has found the Sword so she brings drinks to the room.

The Grey Monk brings maps and Carden claims they can end the Fey for good. Carden’s men ask about Merlin but Carden says the extinction of the Fey is near. So we’ve now learned the plans of The Red Paladins, which also explains why Nimue’s mother wants her daughter to take the sword to Merlin.

Fey remedies

Igraine tells Nimue that they must save The Red Paladin or they will all be killed. Nimue suggests using Fey remedies and Igraine is irked, wondering how she knows about such remedies. As she tends to him, markings show on the Red Paladin’s body — Igraine states the symbols mean, “Water, earth, and fire”. Meanwhile, The Grey Monk tells Carden that he senses Fey folk are in the Abbey.

Questioning the sisters

At the halfway point of Cursed season 1, episode 3, “Alone”, Arthur wants an audience with Sir Ector. Ector’s wife warns him that her husband has not softened with old age. Flashbacks show that Arthur’s father’s debt was passed on to him; his sister was taken to the abbey. Abbess Nora asks Nimue to dispose of the Fey remedies immediately and covers it with dressing. Carden enters the room and asks Nora if a Fey girl has joined the Abbey this week. Nora states that there have been no new arrivals. Carden wants to question the sisters one by one.

The interrogations begin

Nimue sees Igraine kissing another nun in “Alone”; Nimue tells Igraine that she will not tell anyone because she’s done nothing wrong. While The Red Paladins start their interrogations, Nimue looks through the plans shown to Carden but she’s nearly caught and asked to go to the barn.

Earning respect

Arthur meets Sir Ector, his uncle. He asks for sponsorship for the tournament but Ector reminds him it’s for knights. Arthur claims he has grown and wants to earn his respect. Ector respects how Arthur has confronted him and asks if he has a worthy weapon — Arthur shows Ector the sword and explains where he got it from. While Arthur is out drinking with Ector, Bors tells Ector that he stole the sword from the Fey girl. Ector asks Arthur for the truth — Arthur admits to stealing the sword. Ector tells Arthur that he’s a disgrace and ends up fighting Bors and his men, killing one of them with the sword. Arthur loses respect very quickly.

Where’s the new girl

The Red Paladins interrogate the nuns and Nora questions whether this is necessary. The Grey Monk can sense the Fey. Iris questions where the “new girl” is. The injured Red Paladin begins waking up and coughing up blood. Nimue and Igraine leave the room as he dies. Carden and The Grey Monk enter and the monk senses where Nimue has fled.

How does Cursed season 1, episode 3, “Alone” end?

Arthur has been captured and the sword is taken from The Red Paladins. Meanwhile, Igraine takes Nimue into some caves, knowing she is the Wolf-Blood Witch. She gives her directions to Arthur and tells Nimue her real name — Morgana, sister of Arthur. Nimue gets in her small boat and paddles off. As the episode ends, Merlin is told that Rugen has accepted to see him. He’s surrounded by villagers and then swallowed into the ground. Episode 3 deepens the story but some themes feel slightly rushed.

Additional points
  • King Uther argues with his mother about tearing them down but then tells her that Merlin has gone missing. His mother says Merlin is up to something.
  • Merlin and Widow disagree over their deal. Widow tells her she has seen omens which detail his suffering and agony so she will not be helping him.

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