Last Chance U season 5, episode 1 recap – “The Town”

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 28, 2020 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Netflix series Last Chance U Season 5


It’s evident that the team will all have to work harder as episode 1 offers plenty of challenges for the team.

This recap of Netflix series Last Chance U season 5, episode 1, “The Town” contains significant spoilers.

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How does Last Chance U season 5, episode 1, “The Town” open?

Player Nu’u tells the viewers that he thought he was done with football, working minimum wage and then he arrived at Laney. The start of Season 5 is the usual blurb: the need to “make it” and the tough grind. We learn that California is tough for football — there are no scholarships and the kids need to find their own money to live.

December 8, 2018 — California Community College Championship

Episode 1 shows how Laney College won the state championship the previous year. Coach John Beam changed the fortunes of the programme. John explains that football is about family. He’s being doing football coaching for 40 years.


Pre-season training was quite an eye-opener; the coach tells them to relax, enjoy themselves and the next day they will correct the issues — what a contrast to the last two seasons. Every year they don’t have the exact same group of players so it’s like starting again. It’s very difficult to have a consistent culture as the college cannot predict when someone is going to leave. Rejzohn Wright, a cornerback, has a brother who looks after him. Rej struggles without a shoulder around him — he lives and breathes football.

The numbers

At the midway point of Last Chance U season 5, episode 1, “The Town”, jersey numbers are assigned before the season which is really important to the players — they feel it is a personal thing. Billy Nelson approaches Coach Beam about his number 36; the Coach gives him his reality about the number — if you don’t like the number, don’t play. There’s no playing around with this coach despite his obvious compassion.

Game week

It’s game week and all the players need to train for a jersey. Coach Beam calls himself blessed as he gets paid to do what he loves. We then get a montage of interviews discussing Oakland — how the place was the start of the Black Panthers and how the place produces talent. Beam states that Oakland has gone through a whole redevelopment and gentrification. We have a coach who seems to have an awareness of the history around where he lives.

A battler

Dior Walker-Scott (Wide Receiver) works a lot and he’s trying to make it on his own. Coach Beam explains that he’s resilient, a battler. He’s had plenty of problems in his life. Nu’u feels like football is a way out for school; Nu’u’s wife talks about how her husband is determined to make a good living for their family. Nu’u had his daughter at the young age of 17 — he didn’t think he was ready but Nu’u took on parenthood anyway.

How does Last Chance U season 5, episode 1, “The Town” end?

It’s the opening game day — this is always interesting…

Laney Eagles get off to a good start with an early touchdown. Their first defence causes Modesto to force a fumble and then there’s a quick second touchdown. There is a period where the Eagles struggle with discipline and they end up down in the first half. The Eagles lose their season opener and the players look devastated — their title defence is having a bad start. Coach Beam states that they have a target on their back and Modesto threw the dart. It’s evident that the team will all have to work harder as episode 1 offers plenty of challenges for the team.

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