Last Chance U season 5, episode 6 recap – “A, upane! Ka upane!”

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 28, 2020 (Last updated: 3 weeks ago)
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Last Chance U season 5, episode 6 - A, upane! Ka upane!


Episode 6 is a reality-hitter for the team and a couple of the players as the season turns very average.

This recap of Last Chance U season 5, episode 6, “A, upane! Ka upane!” contains significant spoilers.

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How does Last Chance U season 5, episode 6, “A, upane! Ka upane!” open?

Episode 6 starts with Nu’u’s mother talking about Polynesian culture and how they celebrate the first year of a child’s life. There’s a massive party at Nu’u’s house for their daughters first birthday. Tia describes how Nu’u is so supportive and loving. Nu’u’s mother says her son needs to grow up and be a good husband and father and she hopes the couple make the right choices. Last Chance U is giving audiences mixed signals over Nu’u making us wonder where his story will lead.

Gotta bring that same energy

Coach Beam holds a post-game meeting and mocks San Francisco City for dancing on their field. The coach says they need to bring the same energy against San Mateo Bulldogs. Rejzohn’s injury seems to have eased so it isn’t as bad it sounds. His mother was the one who called the ambulance.

Next chapter

Dior is not sure what he wants to do next in life but his father is concerned and wants to help him. Dior doesn’t want any handouts from him.

Are you ready?

Beam holds a team meeting. There was a video on social media from the locker room with players saying “f*ck City college”. They will be hit with sanctions. The coach asks if they are up for winning the next game. Beam is calling out RJ Sterner’s route on the pitch and claims that although he works harder than his opposite number, Dior hits the routes better.

A father to me

Last Chance U season 5, episode 6 reveals that RJ’s father figure is his father’s best friend Rick and he has made it far because of him. There’s a nice scene between them enjoying lunch together. Rick assures RJ that he has a talent and it would be a travesty if he didn’t get the college he wants.

The golden ticket

Beam asks Nu’u if he doesn’t want to move his family away with Oakland. There’s a slight hesitation but Nu’u claims his wife is ready. Beam assures him that he has a ticket to a brighter future; he’s been hard on him because of his grades. Nu’u’s father sees something in him that his other boys do not have. The father talks about his addiction and his past life in jail. Nu’u was hurt growing up with no father. That’s why he has become so close to his siblings. Nu’u felt like he didn’t have much growing up so he wants to provide for his kids.

How does Last Chance U season 5, episode 6, “A, upane! Ka upane!” end?

It’s game time against San Mateo. They go down very early in the game – 13-0. In the second half, they manage to bring it back to make it close in the fourth quarter. They lost but Coach Beam says the team battled and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It was a difficult loss to take for the team.

Dior goes to meet his grandma Myra — he hasn’t seen her in two years. When he gets there his father is present and he is struggling to deal with it. Dior tells his family that he doesn’t have a plan if he doesn’t graduate and get the college he wants but he’s going to keep working. His father keeps asking questions and states Dior can go to school in California on a tuition-free basis but he doesn’t want to. The tension between father and son is unbearable. Episode 6 is a reality-hitter for the team and a couple of the players as the season turns very average.

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