Last Chance U season 5, episode 8 recap – the ending explained A natural end, a new beginning.



The final ever episode of Last Chance U wraps up this award-winning season well. Roll on basketball in 2021.

This recap of Netflix series Last Chance U season 5, episode 8, “Football might be over for you” contains significant spoilers.

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How does Last Chance U season 5, episode 8, “Football might be over for you” open?

The opening of the finale sees Coach Beam discussing the future with players. He gives some of them the hard truth that football maybe over them. The last episode is also a reality-hitter. Beam tells Rejzohn that he needs to continue to be hungry; he tells Nu’u that he’s a Division 1 player but he’s not sure if he’s ready to move his family; he tells RJ Sterner to go to Division 2, not 1, and if he improves, he might get noticed; he tells Dior that he could get a Division 1 scholarship. It’s clear that Beam uses his own professional honesty to better his players.


It’s Laney versus Diablo Valley College. Dior keeps dropping the ball and Beam is frustrated. RJ Stern claims he would have caught those balls. Beam tells Dior to get out of his head. Dior finally catches a good ball. From here Laney destroys the team with a large score.

The natural end

Episode 8 then follows the players as they naturally end the series. RJ Sterner felt like he was limited as a wide receiver — he wanted the ball more — “I can’t throw myself the ball”. There are two more days until game day. Coach Beam tells them that the game on Saturday has implications — they need to win or it’s game over. If a few scenarios go their way, they may have a route to the State Championship. Coach Beam reassures them if they do their all, it could get them scouted. It’s not just about the play-offs at this stage, it’s about landing their future.

A good end to the season

At the halfway mark of Last Chance U season 5, episode 8, It’s Laney versus Chabot — they beat the opposition convincingly to give them a good end to the season — the fate is out of their hands. Unfortunately, the teams they needed to lose didn’t, meaning Laney College didn’t reach the play-offs. The Monday after the game Beam reads out the conference picks; Nu’u, Jake Hope, and Dior Walker-Scott. The season is now officially over.

3 months later

Beam holds his newborn grandchild. He seems smitten by the newborn and the struggles of the season seem to have melted away. He’s desperate for more wins next year but for now, he’s on grandpa duty.

RJ Stern is calling around the colleges and trying to secure himself a place. He explains how it doesn’t feel good to be in this position and just wants an opportunity.

Tia has graduated and the family is so proud. Nu’u is so happy what she’s set to achieve. Nu’u hasn’t had any concrete offers yet. Tia feels the biggest thing is that they get a place to live.

How does Last Chance U season 5, episode 8, “Football might be over for you” end?

Dior gets an opportunity for a walk on but the entire lockdown situation hit and it hasn’t been easy since. He isn’t living in a car anymore though and things are looking up for him in Hawaii. Coach Beam is readying for the new season and is scouting better players. He wants to look in the mirror and do a better job. He’s confident about creating a better team than last year. The series ends with some information of where they all are right now:

  • Nu’u Taugavau received a scholarship from Murray State University. Tia, Eliyana, and baby Donna will join him there in Kentucky.
  • RJ Stern signed a scholarship offer from Tusculum University in Tennessee, a D2 program.
  • Rejzohn Wright will compete for a starting spot opposite his brother at Oregon State.
  • Dior Walker-Scott will walk on at the University of Hawaii and try and earn a D1 scholarship.
  • John Beam is returning as Laney’s head coach next season, which has been postponed until Spring 2021. It will be his 41st year as a football coach.

The final ever episode of Last Chance U wraps up this award-winning season well. Roll on basketball in 2021.

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