Who dies in The Umbrella Academy season 2?

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 31, 2020 (Last updated: December 3, 2023)
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Who dies in The Umbrella Academy season 2 - netflix series

This article “Who dies in The Umbrella Academy season 2?” contains important spoilers. 

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It’s that time again folks where we have to say goodbye to those who have fallen in a major Netflix series. The second season had plenty of drama, blood and twists and a few deaths. So who dies in The Umbrella Academy Season 2?


Bless his soul. Hazel chose a life of love, enjoying his time with love-of-his-life Agnes. At the start of the second season, he wisely gives Five a warning about the incoming apocalypse after Agnes told him to. As he delivers the news and there is madness all around them, The Swedes show up and shoot him. What a great character to kill off.


We don’t actually see Agnes die but when Hazel delivers the end-of-the-world news to Five, he makes him aware that he had twenty good years with Agnes before cancer defeated her. Such a sad way to conclude a couple that just decided to forget the world and love each other.


The conspiracy theorist and a new character in The Umbrella Academy Season 2. Elliot was very wise to what was happening in the 60s. He probably knew too much as in the end, his association with the family and housing them whenever they needed a place to stay resulted in a brutal death at the hands of the Swedes. He really didn’t deserve his death but it is what it is.


We know, we know! Ben is already dead but we have to mention that he no longer exists in ghost form. When Ben stops Vanya from exploding and causing the apocalypse by going into her mind, he did so knowing full well that he would deteriorate. It’s a sad scene between both siblings; they hug it out before he disappears completely. It’s a worthy sacrifice from the character.


When Carl is trying to stop his wife from running off with Vanya, Sissy takes a stand. She tells him that she wants to leave him and go but he does not want to hear it. Harlan chooses his mother over father, so Carl grabs a gun and accidentally puts the path of the bullet towards Harlan — Harlan’s powers activate and deflects the bullet which hits Carl.

The Handler

I mean, is she really dead? We thought she died in Season 1 but then she came back from the dead and caused carnage in Season 2. One of The Swedes kills The Handler as he felt angry and upset that her orders resulted in the deaths of his brothers. He became so disassociated with The Commission that he took it out on The Handler and rightfully so.

According to Herb, The Handler is dead for good now.

All of the family (very briefly)

At one point in the final episode of the second season, apart from Five who was slowly dying, all of The Umbrella Academy die in the barn (including Lila) at the hands of The Handler. Luckily though, Five remembers his father Reginald to work in seconds so he briefly rewinds time to save everyone and ensure that The Handler did not hurt them.

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