Who is Allison married to in The Umbrella Academy season 2?

July 31, 2020
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This article “Who is Allison married to in The Umbrella Academy season 2?” contains important spoilers. 

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At the end of Season 1, everyone pondered the strange relationship between Allison and Luther, with many forums questioning whether or not their attraction and feelings for each other is incestuous — of course, it is, since they are adopted siblings. So this is always a story that the Netflix series skirts around and teases because it is hella complicated between them. What’s obvious is that they love each other. However, in Season 2 we are surprised to see Allison has a new life in the 60s. So the question is, who is Allison married to in The Umbrella Academy Season 2?

A man invested in the Civil Rights movement

Allison’s arrival in the 60s presents many problems — there is a large population of white people that do not accept black people into the community. This is a stark contrast to what she is used to in 2019. Allison falls in love with a man named Raymond Chestnut.

Raymond is a man heavily invested in the Civil Rights Movement in tense and segregated times in America. The pair fall in love and with their shared interest to make progress in America, they create a warm companionship — something Allison has never had which makes the story more interesting.

Does Allison help Raymond in the movement?

Yes, she’s heavily involved in The Umbrella Academy Season 2. In one of the episodes, she helps stage a sit-in protest at one of the white-only cafes that causes uproar in the white community as the black people sit in the cafe waiting to be served. This is a window in what happened in real life, with black people taking a stand to have the same rights as white people.

What does Luther feel about this?

The story still skirts around their complicated relationship but it’s evident that Luther is winded by the knowledge that Allison is in a loving marriage.

Does Raymond know Allison has powers?

Not at first, which is what makes the situation complicated later in the series.

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