The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Season 1 Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained

September 1, 2023 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Season 1 Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained


The finale of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart delivers an incredibly emotional end to one of the year’s best shows.

This recap of the Prime Video series The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Season 1 Episode 7 contains spoilers, including an open discussion of the ending of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Season 1.

We have reached the season finale of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart. Will Alice be able to get away from Dylan? Will Alice finally meet her brother? And is June’s health too far gone to be saved? There are so many questions that need to be answered in the finale.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

The episode begins with Alice sitting in the house and Lulu knocking on the door. Lulu strongly reacts to the bruises and blood on Alice’s face. While Alice tries to defend what Dylan did, Lulu tries to make her understand that what he did wasn’t okay and he would do it again.

What happens when Alice goes to the police?

Alice attempts to report to the police what Dylan did to her, but the police officer says that Dylan came in first and made heavy accusations against Alice. He claimed that their relationship was abusive and that Alice had lied about her past and qualifications to get the job. As a result, Alice laughs in her face while her boss suspends her pending a full investigation.

Who does Alice call to come get her?

One of the rangers took Alice on a tour where she saw someone taking the flowers, and she freaked out on them. After breaking up the fight, Alice runs away and stumbles across Dylan getting sympathy from co-workers. This leads to Alice calling Twig, who puts June on the phone, and she begs them to come get her.

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June and Twig head into town to go and rescue Alice. On the drive, they pull off to this beautiful beach. Alice asks why they are there, and June breaks the news that she has lied to her for years, that she has a brother, and that she put him up for adoption giving him to John and Sally. Alice freaks out and screams at her.

How did Clem Hart die?

Alice visits Sally to talk about her mother, brother, and everything that went down. Sally brings her to John, who shares everything that went down leading up to her parents dying. As she read what happened, we find out that Clem and Agnes had come home to the house burning down, and Clem started to beat Alice. Clem stood over Alice, and this is when Agnes took an object, hit him over the head, and lit him on fire, killing him.

After this, we see Alice and her brother Charlie embrace for the first time. We fast forward two months, where Alice and Charlie are making up for lost time at John and Sally’s house while June is back at Thornfield struggling. Twig asks Sally if they could get Alice to call as they hoped she would talk to June.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Season 1 Episode 7 Ending Explained

Who dies in the season finale?

June dies in The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart. The sickness finally catches up to her, and she passes away. Although Twig and Candy thought it would only be them along with Alice and Charlie, every single person June had ever helped arrived to remember her for what she did.

June had left a letter for Candy, Twig, and Alice. In June’s letter to Alice, she told her about a book in the shed named “The Lost Flowers.” Each page is an excerpt of what happened to each person who had stepped foot in Thornfield. We get a montage of Alice walking through the crowded group of women whose stories June got to write about and help save them from those who should’ve been protecting them. The season ends with Twig, Candy, and Alice holding hands as they give one final ritual to June by burning the flowers.

What did you think of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Season 1 Episode 7? Do you have any thoughts on the ending of The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Season 1? Comment below.

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6 thoughts on “The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart Season 1 Episode 7 Recap and Ending Explained

  • September 1, 2023 at 9:20 pm

    Disappointed that they didn’t put Dylan in jail! Why leave him around to hurt anyone else!

  • September 1, 2023 at 10:40 pm

    You weren’t 100% on the ending. They burned Cal’s wood sculpture in the greenhouse, the flowers were placed on the sculpture. The idea was to burn the pain and the memory from Cal’s abuse.

  • September 2, 2023 at 2:20 am

    As hard as this was to watch it times I absolutely loved it. The ending was superb, inspiring,uplifting.
    Just the abuse was very difficult to watch in the earlier episodes but the ending and the book of flowers and all the women that have been helped was wonderful. The dialogue about how you have to speak up so not to lose your voice was so relevant.

  • September 2, 2023 at 6:07 pm

    I really liked this series! Very well acted by all. I thought Alice and June were going to have a heart to heart talk and make up before June sadly passed away. It would’ve been nice to see June, Alice, Charlie, Twig and Candi all together. Did Candi know she was raped by her brother?? Also, Dylan should’ve been arrested. Overall, this series deserves a 2nd season!

  • September 2, 2023 at 6:43 pm

    Hole in the plot. Why didn’t June tell Alice about the letters from Alice’s first romance. She loved him so much. That secret was not revealed.

  • September 6, 2023 at 5:13 pm

    Really wish at the end Alice would have sent the pictures of herself after the beating to Dylan and said “this is not ok, this is not my fault, this is not love. Never contact me again” in order to show that that abuse cycle ended with her.

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