Immigration Nation episode 3 recap – “Power of the Vote”

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 3, 2020 (Last updated: February 13, 2024)
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Netflix series Immigration Nation episode 3 - Power of the Vote


Episode 3 discusses veterans getting deported and the law of 287/g implemented by ICE in certain counties.

This recap of Netflix series Immigration Nation episode 3, “Power of the Vote” has information on the chapter.

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The opening of Immigration Nation episode 3, “Power of the Vote”.

Bernardo explains that his chances in the USA are now in the hands of the government. What an awful predicament to be in, especially with the politics at play.

Harder with the kids

One of the ICE officers states how much more difficult it is when children are involved and it’s not the best part of the job. He also claims that in terms of the Obama administration, the rules were almost the same, which contradicts previous statements in the Netflix series.

Local partnership with ICE

Immigration Nation episode 3 reveals that local law enforcement partner with ICE in the community to place the undocumented through the deportation procedures — it’s called 287/g. Some Sheriffs apply for this partnership and Mecklenburg county is one of them. This means, voting matters in your local area to make sure these partnerships don’t happen by choosing the right politician that will remove the law locally. This goes to show that voting is important and it’s down to the people to tackle this locally.

Even veterans get deported

An immigrant named Cesar who has served in the marines for America spends most days waiting for his deportation order every day after he was initially deported for being misplaced as a terrorist. Cesar states that there are many deported veterans that face this injustice every day — this man lost everything now he’s an undocumented man. It’s oddly ironic how many Americans pride themselves on patriotism yet they disallow veterans, who have served for the country, the freedom to live in the USA.

For some veterans, the only way to get back into the country is to die, and then the military will honor you as a veteran. This is ridiculously backward.


A politician named Gary McFadden is running for a Mecklenburg county sheriff department in the elections — there’s a growing consensus that the local/ICE partnership (law 287/g) is a big issue across many states. An ICE official called Cox goes into counties to discuss why ICE is positive in the community. ICE’s argument that if you remove 287/g it doesn’t stop ICE sending in more officials. There’s a fascinating scene where Cox holds a presentation with a sheriff to Knox County, Tennessee — the audience is angry and just sees him as a salesman.

Detention Centers are a business

Many ICE Detention Centres are now owned by private companies in the Trump Era. It boomed once he got into the office. Immigrants now mean more money — they are products. Two-thirds of the detainees do not have a criminal record.


Cesar wants to meet the potential new governor of New Mexico and ask that he is pardoned. He’s also running out of time to have children with his partner.

Gary McFadden wins his Sheriff County election and immediately removes 287/g. Meanwhile, Cesar finds out the politician he needs to win the governor has won so he heads to speak to her to try to get pardoned. He’s out of options, he has to take the risk and visit the governor’s office while risking imprisonment. Cesar won’t leave until he gets an answer. The governor’s secretary comes out and says the governor is too busy.

The ending of Immigration Nation episode 3, “Power of the Vote”.

Cesar gets emotional and wants the politicians to finally listen to him. He begs the secretary and states he doesn’t deserve it. Cesar cries and breaks down with his impassioned speech. The secretary simply says she will send him an email with an update. Absolutely heartless corporate speak.

Gary McFadden’s removal of 287/g has had a positive impact on the community. He gives a speech and states that ICE cannot operate inside a county jail unless an immigrant is a criminal. ICE is not happy about Gary’s actions — they just care about numbers. Episode 3 discusses veterans getting deported and the law of 287/g implemented by ICE in certain counties.

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