The Rain season 3, episode 2 recap – “Never Let Go”

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 6, 2020 (Last updated: December 3, 2023)
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Netflix series The Rain season 3, episode 2 - Never Let Go


“Never Let Go” brings a new element to the story that changes everything as the end of the world tilts on a knife-edge.

This recap of Netflix series The Rain season 3, episode 2, “Never Let Go” contains important spoilers.

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The opening of The Rain season 3, episode 2, “Never Let Go

The opening shows someone dragging Simone from the river. As predicted, she’s alive. A couple of teenagers (Luna and Daniel) have taken her in their motorhome and took care of her. Bear in mind, the other characters believe she is dead so this will provide impact later.

You are living proof

As for Rasmus, he’s with Sarah, laying in bed. Sarah tells Rasmus that he looks sad over Simone. He tells Sarah that she’s living proof that the cure works and wants to bring her to Sten. Meanwhile, Martin manages to fight off some guards. He’s clearly emotional and angry after what he saw in the first episode — many of the character decisions in The Rain are emotionally driven and “Never Let Go” shows how it is still going down that path — it’s a good narrative choice.

It’s paradise here

Simone tells Daniel that she went outside the wall and the virus is everywhere. Daniel wants to show her something. As she leaves the motorhome, Daniel states the place they are in is paradise and as it’s in the middle nowhere, they are safe here for now as the virus isn’t reaching the area. Viewers should expect an explanation for this later rather than leaving it as a spiritual reason.

Sarah is the perfect test subject

Sten confirms to Rasmus that Sarah has the virus and she is cured. Sten tells Sarah that she’s the perfect test subject but she gets agitated and walks off as they want to test on her. Sten tells Rasmus that she should be appreciative.

You’re alive

Martin finds Patrick and Fie. Patrick tells Martin that Simone is gone. Fie sees Sarah and Rasmus around the corner and is surprised to see her alive. Sten asks his guards to take Martin away. There’s plenty of running and catching in season 3.

Daniel’s father tells Daniel that Simone needs to leave. He asks Luna to escort her away. The father tells Daniel that Simone is not family. A flashback shows the family driving away in their motorhome; Daniel brought his girlfriend with him and while on holiday, the rain came.

A cure

Luna tells Simone that it is possible to wipe out the virus and shows her the border of their paradise. The young girl gets out a liquid and pours it on a leaf and the growth near her turns back to green. She says it is the flower; they hear Luna’s family and because Luna does not want to be caught with Simone showing their secret, they quickly leave. But this whole flower extract idea that could possibly be a cure changes the entire game. It’s evident that The Rain wants to provide a suitable ending. It’s just whether or not it will work.

A chance of life offered by Rasmus

The Rain season 3, episode 2 shows Rasmus feeling his own self-worth in all of this, to the point that he’s offering lifelines.

Rasmus tells Martin that Simone is dead and the virus out there is spreading and Sarah is proof that he is the cure. He gets out the tracker to prove that Simone is dead. Rasmus tells Martin he’s offering him a chance of life and walks back into his cage. If you think about it, Rasmus is really offering him a chance of endless life.

The sick are gone

Fie tells Sarah that she’s in shock to see her alive as she was sure she was dead. Sarah tells Fie she shouldn’t have abandoned her. Later on, Sarah tells Rasmus that the others keep letting them down so why bother. They both head to the tents where the sick are and it’s empty. I believe Sarah is suggesting that they go out in the world on their own, rather than trying to find a solution for everyone. It’s a little selfish but it can be appreciated how much these characters mean to each other.

In the next part of the room, all the sick patients are on the floor and have died. Rasmus and Sarah are shocked.

Why are they dead?

Rasmus approaches Sten about the dead patients. Sten states they were terminally ill and he is finding a solution to save mankind. Sten wants to prepare the next subject and Rasmus gets angry, activating his virus, but Sten calms him down, stating if he wants answers, he shouldn’t kill him.

A tragedy for Daniel

We are treated to another flashback and Daniel’s father chases after Daniel’s girlfriend because she was running away with food. The girlfriend accidentally dies while running away and Daniel was distraught. In the present day, Simone is spying on Daniel — she’s eager to get answers after accidentally finding herself with a new group.

Rasmus states they decide who survives

Fie hypothesizes that Sarah only survived because Sarah had no immune system due to her preexisting conditions; there was no resistance when the virus entered her — the virus just sits inside. Rasmus tells Fie that they (Apollon and Sten) don’t get to decide who survives — “We do”. Rasmus sits with Martin and he tells him it wasn’t his fault that Simone died. Whatever Rasmus has planned, Martin is up for it.

The ending of The Rain season 3, episode 2, “Never Let Go”

Simone heads inside the building he saw Daniel sneak in and sees natural green growth and a large plant inside the abandoned swimming bath. Daniel heads inside and tells her she can’t be seen here. The father then arrives and tells Simone to get out. Simone explains that the virus is inside of her brother and that he wants to make everyone else like him — “The world is going to end”. Simone states that the flower they have found can save them.

The father is not interested in helping and blindfolds her. He tells her he can’t risk the secret coming out and he has to protect the family. The father draws out a knife but Daniel then hits him and he tells Simone to run. Episode 2 brings a new element to the story that changes everything as the end of the world tilts on a knife-edge.

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