Connor and Emily from Love on the Spectrum are still meeting up

By Louie Fecou
Published: January 23, 2024 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
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Connor and Emily from Love on the Spectrum - Are They Still Together?
Connor and Emily in Love on the Spectrum US Season 2 | Image via Netflix

Connor and Emily are another couple on the Netflix reality dating show Love on the Spectrum US that proves the format can be successful, since like Abbey and David the pair remain together after their experience on the show. The international spin-off of the original Australian concept has received plaudits for representing the community in a positive light and being a fresh, positive take on the typically played-out reality dating format.

Are Connor and Emily from Love on the Spectrum still together?

Connor and Emily are making a go of things. An article on Reality Titbit reveals that Connor and Emily are still meeting up. Connor’s mother says, “They are still chatting often and going places together, but it’s not official.” Connor has admitted that he is looking for the courage to ask Emily to be his girlfriend. Emily is also interested in being a couple, and towards the end of the season she stated, “I hope you don’t think me blunt or anything but I kind of like you.”

The pair share a love of film and dogs and shared a lunch date. While both are active on social media, there is little there about their current relationship status.

Connor and Emily’s Love on the Spectrum Journey

In season two of the show, Connor Tomlinson met Emily while taking part in a speed dating experience. As is often the way, he did not make any real connection with Emily at the event, but later on he seemed to regret the decision. Speaking about the meeting with his mother, he would regret marking Emily as a “no” and say, “I’m beginning to think maybe I was too hasty.”

Connor then took the bull by the horns and decided to get back in touch with the organizers of the speed dating event. He would explain that he felt he had made a mistake and asked if they could organize a meeting between him and Emily, which they managed to do. Emily agreed to meet up again.

The couple would arrange two dates while appearing on the show. A date in the park saw Connor very nervous, and although wanting to hold hands with Emily, he was very apprehensive. However, Emily would take the lead, and offer her hand to him while walking the dogs in the park.


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