Netflix’s Most Heartwarming Dating Series Will Return For Season 3

By Louie Fecou
Published: April 3, 2024
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Love on the Spectrum U.S. Season 3 Renewal Status and Latest
Love on the Spectrum U.S. | Image via Netflix

Netflix has officially renewed Love on the Spectrum for Season 3. The award-winning reality docuseries that offers heartwarming insight into the dating lives of people on the autism spectrum will enter its fifth total season, having enjoyed two highly successful runs of the U.S. version and two of the original Love on the Spectrum: Australia, also available to stream on Netflix.

Love on the Spectrum US Season 3 Is Confirmed

The news came on April 3, 2024, that Netflix has renewed Love on the Spectrum for a third season following the global success of Season 2, which spent three weeks in the Global Top 10. At the time of writing, there are no further details and no news of a potential release date.

Has Love on the Spectrum U.S. been a success for neurodivergent people so far?

As far as the success of the format goes, it is apparent that the show has been generally well-received and garnered a lot of good reviews from audiences and critics. The fact that it has been replicated in other regions of the world shows that there has been great interest in the premise, and it has brought about a rising awareness among people in the community.

As well as raising awareness and portraying participants in a positive light, the show has also been the recipient of various awards, including Primetime Emmys. There have been some real success stories too as far as the actual dates are concerned with some of the couples, such as Abbey and David, still staying in touch and continuing their relationships after the cameras had stopped filming. It is safe to say that the show has been a positive and successful experience for the neurodivergent people who have taken part.

Who created Love on the Spectrum?

The original Australian version of Love on the Spectrum was co-created by Cian O’Clery who worked on another project titled Employable Me that featured people with various disabilities looking for work. The show inspired Cian to explore other such shows, and the idea for Love on the Spectrum took shape.

Love on the Spectrum would first be shown on the ABC network in 2019, and Netflix would eventually pick it up, leading to the show being an international hit and spawning other iterations of the premise.

Other Netflix dating shows you can try

There is, of course, no shortage of dating shows on Netflix, so if you are still looking for shows about love while waiting for news about Love on the Spectrum U.S. Season 3, here’s a quick rundown of some of the Netflix offerings you can check out.

Love Is Blind features participants placed in pods, who have to make connections without seeing the other person and can only move on when a proposal of marriage is received.

Dating Around follows singles in New York and New Orleans, as they embark on blind dates, hoping to find a spark that will lead to something more.

Sexy Beasts is one of the more bizarre entries, with participants transformed into animals with the use of prosthetics and going on dates without knowing what the person looks like.

Single’s Inferno is a Korean take on the dating game, with singles hoping to pair up so they can escape the barren island life, and spend time in an idyllic paradise.


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