Love on the Spectrum U.S. Season 2 Update: Distance is keeping Dani and Adan apart

By Louie Fecou
Published: January 20, 2024 (Last updated: 5 weeks ago)
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Are Dani and Adan Still Together? Love on the Spectrum U.S. Season 2 Update
Dani and Adan in Love on the Spectrum | Image via Netflix

Love on the Spectrum follows members of the neurodivergent community looking for love and experiencing the highs and lows of the dating scene. Season 2 of the show featured another group of participants, including Dani and Adan, who met on the show in the first season and were hoping to find romance. Unfortunately, the couple don’t seem to have stayed together after their time on the show.

Are Dani and Adan from Love on the Spectrum still together?

Reports indicate that the couple are not together at the time of writing, with the distance between the couple having made the relationship difficult to maintain.

Perhaps it is best to let Dani explain the situation herself, and we found an interview on Tudum that clears some things up. She would say:

“Adan and I are currently staying connected through text messages. Our last date was in July, and I recognize that he’s juggling a busy schedule with college and a part-time job. I genuinely wish we could find more time to spend together. On a positive note, my best friend Devin has suggested the idea of meeting somewhere in the middle for our next date. It sounds like a great plan to bridge the distance and make our time together more manageable.”

So it seems that there may still be a chance for the pair, but there’s nothing set in stone just now.

Dani and Adan’s Romantic Journey

Dani would first meet Soloman but there was no real spark there, so in a speed dating experiment she would encounter Adan. The two would hit it off right away, and they would have a lot in common, including a love of the arts and a sense of humour.

Dani and Adan arranged a date at the Hollywood Hills for dinner and although Dani would state that she did not find Adan physically attractive, she did say that “seeing from the heart and soul” is more important. The date ended with plans to see each other again.

However, the path of true love never runs smooth, and Dani would decide to give Solomon another chance, before attending some other dates with participants James and Matt. However, eventually Adan would be back on Dani’s radar, and the two would arrange to meet at a comic book convention. When the two met up again, there was an instant connection, and they would arrange another meet up, where they would discuss taking the relationship one step further. They would share a kiss, Adan would reveal this was his first time, and present Dani with a ring.

The two agree to be a couple, and that was pretty much where the show would end their arc.

What is Dani looking for in Love on the Spectrum?

Dani came from a pretty dysfunctional background and would eventually be taken in by her aunt and uncle who helped her at a young age. She would be business minded, and start her own company at only fourteen, and revealed that as far as a partner was concerned, she was looking for someone that shared her interests, including animation.

Dani would say it best when she stated (her) “ideal partner would be someone that could depend on me; we want to depend on each other”. She also mentions that maturity and financial independence was important to her.


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