The Rain season 3, episode 4 recap – “Be the Change You Want in the World”

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 6, 2020 (Last updated: December 3, 2023)
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Netflix series The Rain season 3, episode 4 - Be the Change You Want in the World


“Be the Change You Want in the World” is moving closer to a conclusion but it can still end either way at this point.

This recap of Netflix series The Rain season 3, episode 4, “Be the Change You Want in the World” contains important spoilers.

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The opening of The Rain season 3, episode 4, “Be the Change You Want in the World

We see a young Kira saying goodbye to a young man, presumably her childhood sweetheart in an emotional flashback. She jumps on to a truck and holds on to a necklace she was given by him. In the present day, she tells the group to calm down because fretting will not find Luna. Luna has been taken by a young group of children to this tall building; they look like a tribe. They are led by a man who seems to look after them. It’s a strange scenario for the third and final season.

Martin feels great

Martin wakes up with the virus inside him and he states he feels amazing. He’s 100% feeling himself as Patrick asks how he is. Martin tells Patrick to do the same thing and take the virus. You can almost feel that it’s all too simple.

I’m in charge now

Rasmus tells Apollon that Sten is dead and that they are free to leave or that they can all be like him. When he suggests he leads, one of the men protests. Rasmus kills him with the virus. Fie sees Rasmus kill the man and walks out upset. Rasmus asks Sarah why the rest of Apollon doesn’t like him. Sarah says he should give them time and he isn’t alone because she’s here. I mean, we’ve just had the context as to why they don’t like him, at least for now — he’s just killed one of them. This felt like a strange phase of dialogue.

Simone is still alive

Patrick hands Martin the tracker to confirm Simone is still alive. This is a pivotal scene because the one reason he took the virus is that he believed she was dead. It was a test of character for him. He changed his morals based on his emotions. Rasmus insists he must find Simone and Sarah is upset that he is considering looking for her and leaving Apollon. Martin offers to look for Simone while Rasmus stays behind. Sarah believes Simone will be the end of them… she could well be right.

Finding Luna

Simone and co. head to the building to find Luna. As they shout up at the building, objects and arrows are thrown at them. They manage to breach the building with Kira leading the fray. In the building, there is a range of traps. In order to get to another section of the building, they have to climb up some ladders hanging outside. Jean is scared of heights and stays behind.

As they reach the other part of the building, Daniel is dragged away and they are approached by the strange group. Kira has to drop her weapon as they are surrounded. This group of kids does not mess around at all.

Big man

Anyway, at Apollon, Rasmus is enjoying the newfound power a little too much. He’s deciding who out of the sick patients gets the virus next. He introduces Olivia to one of the patients, giving her medical history and how she was cured.

Rasmus can also spy on Martin now he has the virus. He tells Sarah he is connected with him as he is connected with her. The problem is, his neck keeps bleeding and he has no idea why. The problems seem to be finally seeping — this was always a short term fix it seems.

We want the flower extract

The Rain season 3, episode 4 sees a very brief negotiation taking place in the dying embers of the show.

Luna is fine but the girl Kira shot by accident is there. Kira offers to take the girl somewhere where there are antibiotics and Simone offers food. They all gather around the food but the leader states they don’t want that gesture — he wants the flower extract that kills the virus.

Kira states there must be a way to get Luna back but Simone claims they are children that are desperate. A flashback shows Kira meeting her childhood love years later and she awkwardly realizes he has a partner and she’s heartbroken. We are showing new layers in Kira that we haven’t seen before, giving the character an edge.

The offer of Coca Cola

They offer the strange group a deal. A vial of the flower extracts every 14 days. They agree to the deal and they offer them Coca Cola to celebrate. The leader tells Simone that he took the children as they needed someone to look after them. The coke is laced with something and Simone collapses. This was very predictable.

Taking Fie next

Back to “big man” Rasmus and he’s still deciding who he cures next. Meanwhile, Patrick tells Fie he’s worried about Martin meeting Simone and her reaction. Rasmus asks for Fie’s presence as he gives more patients the virus. He’s clearly struggling as he does this and finally falls over. Fie checks on him and sees the blood on his neck but Rasmus gets protective. When Fie raises her concerns to Sarah, Rasmus claims he feels fine and gets angry.

As Fie returns to her room, Rasmus tells Fie she should be next to get the virus with zero consideration for the baby inside her. Fie states there is no way he can know if the baby survives. She tells Patrick that she’s afraid of Rasmus and that her baby will die. She breaks down in tears and tells Patrick they need to leave. Rasmus seems to have gone to a place of no return and it’s tragic to see.

Finding the strange group

Simone wakes up and sees Daniel and Kira are asleep. Jean arrives to save them and says the strange group ran off. Simone and co return back to Daniel’s place of refuge; his father has been tied up. As they head to swimming baths, many of the children are dead — the flower killed them. Simone is shocked and then she finds the leader who is slowly dying. As he dies he states he was just trying to give them hope — he turns his head to show the camera that one of his eyes has been destroyed and then he dies.

Kira finds one of the children in the bathroom and she comforts them — she also cries. A rare scene from Kira who usually masks her emotions. Daniel’s father states the flower extract is dead and that Simone ruined everything. She did, to be fair.

The ending of The Rain season 3, episode 4, “Be the Change You Want in the World”

Kira remembers her childhood sweetheart again and how she wanted to stay with them. Simone asks Kira about the necklace and she says it’s a “distant memory” and that she can’t save everyone. Kira calls Simone a child, thinking everything is going to be okay before throwing the necklace in a fire.

Daniel sits with Simone next to the campfire and tells her she saved Luna. Simone still has a vial to save her brother. Martin enters the camp and sees Simone and Daniel sat together. Daniel tells Simone that he hopes to see her again and kisses her. She doesn’t seem too sure but Martin sees everything. Rasmus can see everything through Martin’s eyes and is worried about his sister’s safety. Episode 4 is moving closer to a conclusion but it can still end either way at this point.

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