The Rain season 3, episode 5 recap – “Love Yourself”

August 6, 2020
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“Love Yourself” is a patient yet ideal penultimate episode, putting the pieces in place for a grand finale.

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“Love Yourself” is a patient yet ideal penultimate episode, putting the pieces in place for a grand finale.

This recap of Netflix series The Rain season 3, episode 5, “Love Yourself” contains important spoilers.

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The opening of The Rain season 3, episode 5, “Love Yourself

It replays the scene again of Daniel kissing Simone; she tells him she can’t and walks off. Martin approaches and she looks happy to see him and touches his face. They hug but the obvious concern is how he reacts to the kiss he saw. Everything is on a clear knife-edge with no idea of where the story is going to go.

We need to save Rasmus

Back at Apollon, Rasmus is struggling still and Sarah is worried. Martin updates Simone on what Rasmus is doing. He tells her he has changed and she has her little brother back. Simone thinks her brother is dangerous and raises that she can save him. She shows him the dead plant and the last of the liquid, stating it will eliminate the virus. Martin is concerned because she has no idea what it will do to Rasmus but he’s secretly concerned about what it will do to him. The pair argue and Simone states there must be more of these flowers. Martin still feels Rasmus is the solution but as Simone walks off, Martin collapses as the flower is clearly impacting him.

Martin introduces himself

As they dig graves for all the children that died, Daniel talks to Simone and she’s starting to regret her actions; she thinks Daniel helped her because he loves her. She insists she must return to Rasmus. Martin then introduces himself to Daniel, which was awkward.

Rasmus is getting weaker

At Apollon, Olivia is worried because she can feel Rasmus’s fear and asks if he really cured her. She sees the blood but Rasmus walks away and lies down; Sarah takes care of him. Meanwhile, Patrick is ready to pack and leave with Fie but Sarah asks for help. Fie is doubtful she can help but vows to try.

Sten is dead

Kira is impacted by the news that Sten is dead because she should have killed him. Jean tries to talk to her about it and he hugs her. She lets out all the tears which was a touching scene considering the roles reversed for once between these two characters. Simone hands Daniel the vial saying he needs it more than her. She trusts Martin and what he’s saying about Rasmus. Daniel claims she can still keep the vial. Bless him.

The blood sample

Fie tells Rasmus that she can help him but he claims he doesn’t want any help. She theorizes that he’s experiencing a mutation that doesn’t look beneficial to his health. Rasmus asks for a blood test. When she sees the sample, Fie tells Patrick that everything is slowing down and the blood and virus are not working the same as they used to. She believes every time he infects a patient it is making him weaker. The new world that Rasmus so desperately wants is falling apart very quickly.

They finally talk about it

As they walk back to Apollon, Martin and Simone talk about the elephant in the room — Daniel. She tells Martin that she loves him. Martin tells Simone that he loves her as well. As he kisses her, Simone notices something but she doesn’t react.

Meanwhile, Daniel notices that the virus has returned to the swimming baths and wonders how it got there. Meanwhile, Simone and Martin set up a campfire and take a break. Everything is slowly coming to the surface.

You cannot handle it Rasmus

The Rain season 3, episode 5 proves Rasmus is the true danger of the final season and will be pivotal to how all this ends.

Rasmus tries to keep using the virus on the patients but Sarah stops him, stating she’s seen the blood sample and he cannot handle it. Sarah threatens to kill one of the workers if he continues so he walks off — Rasmus is losing his power and he’s deteriorating. He’s panicking as he sees loads of marks all over his body.

Martin is struggling

Daniel wonders if Rasmus has already infected the others which is why it’s started to spread in their area — he now knows Martin is infected. Meanwhile, Martin wakes up and the virus is activating so he runs to a nearby lake to try to stop it. Simone finds him but he’s fine by the time she reaches him.

Preparing Fie

Rasmus has lost his mind and has chosen Fie to be his next patient. He asks the medical staff to prepare her and then learns parents have died because they waited too long. He confronts Sarah about it. She apologizes but raises that there’s something wrong.

Rasmus tricks Sarah and locks her in a room, claiming she can’t get in his way. Rasmus needs stopping; the third and final season has made that clear.

The virus is the only way

As they continue walking, Martin reveals to Simone that he has the virus and Simone backs off. She tells him to get away from her. Martin tells Simone that it feels right. She asks who is in control, him or the virus, and walks closer to him but Martin tells her to back off. Simone gets out the vial and tells him to take it or he will never see her again. Martin’s virus activates and she has to run. She drops the vial and it breaks. The virus swirls around Simone so Martin takes some of the flower extracts on the ground and the virus dies and leaves him. He has a fit on the floor…

The ending of The Rain season 3, episode 5, “Love Yourself”

Rasmus feels that Martin has been killed by Simone and his virus fully activates and fills the room. Meanwhile, Simone is crying over Martin who is dead. Daniel finds her and Simone cannot stop crying as she holds on to his dead body. This is another devastating moment in The Rain. Another casualty in this post-dystopian world.

Meanwhile, Rasmus tells the Apollon crew that Simone needs to be killed before she kills them. Patrick overhears and finds Fie to help her try to escape. This is a great lead into the final ever episode. Episode 5 is a patient yet ideal penultimate episode, putting the pieces in place for a grand finale.

Additional points
  • Daniel tells his mother he is smitten over Simone.

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