The Rain season 3, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

August 6, 2020
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Episode 6, the final ever episode, is a well-constructed, emotionally-driven ending that rounds off the Netflix series well.

This recap of Netflix series The Rain season 3, episode 6, “And This Too Shall Pass” (the ending explained) contains important spoilers.

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The opening of The Rain season 3, episode 6, “And This Too Shall Pass

It’s a sad opening and one that is difficult to muster as an audience member — Martin is dead and Simone is absolutely distraught. She’s lost the love of her life. She retreats to the motorhome and lays down, the shock sinking in. Meanwhile, the virus enters the dead flower — we can assume it’s the virus from Martin’s body. When she wakes up, Simone remembers the sweet moments with Martin and the tragic ending of his life. The love that the shared; the moments they didn’t appreciate. Kira gets her up and says they have to go. Simone tells Kira to leave her alone. Kira tells Simone she is strong — it’s almost a rallying cry for what is to come.

The funeral

And then the makeshift funeral occurs to deepen the emotions of the story and Simone collapses to her knees in disbelief. She asks the others why they are just staring but Luna shows sympathy at her words and hugs her. Jean tells Simone that each day gets better — he knows what words to say but Simone does not want the days to get better, she doesn’t want to forget Martin. It felt inevitable but it was going to happen sooner or later.

Rasmus isn’t f”cking about

And then the ending for The Rain season 3 kicks into action, offering a thrilling thirty minutes.

Rasmus is preparing Apollon to kill Simone and the others, believing his sister wants to kill them. Sarah questions Rasmus and wonders how he can be so sure and tells him he doesn’t have to do this. Rasmus tells Sarah she’s a part of this whether she likes it or not. It’s war. Meanwhile, Fie and Patrick have already fled and you can sense that Fie is slowly going into labor — this is a story that needs wrapping up amongst chaos.

The flower is back!

Daniel alerts that the flower is back alive unexpectedly. Jean states that Martin saved them and brought them back to life as he hypothesizes that the virus left Martin’s body and attracted itself to the flower. Suddenly, Fie and Patrick show up and Simone is pumped. The reunion is cut short as Patrick asks about Martin. Patrick goes to visit the grave with Simone and cries his heart out. They were best friends, brothers even — but episode 6, “And This Too Shall Pass” shows that any time for grieving is shortlived.

Patrick explains that everyone thought she was dead after she jumped into the river. Simone declares that she has to stop her brother and… kill him. This is a “wow” moment.

Planning for Rasmus.

And The Rain season 3, episode 6 does not mess about — not one bit as it gets serious from here on in.

Daniel does not want to leave the area because of the flower. The father asks Luna to give her necklace to Simone; the necklace has a little bit of flower extract inside and the father says, “That’s how you kill your brother”. The group plan to trap Rasmus in the swimming baths; flamethrowers (the virus doesn’t like fire), guns, traps, and obstacles are organized to separate Rasmus from the others. The group even scope out the perimeter to see if Kira can snipe. This is a rather blockbuster finish to a firm Netflix series.

As Rasmus and the group make it towards the area where Simone and co are, Olivia asks why Rasmus is ill — he claims “they” made him ill and it’s time for revenge. Meanwhile, Fie’s contractions are getting stronger and Patrick is ready to step up.

They are getting closer

Rasmus and his group approach the area and Patrick and Daniel’s father are captured immediately. Sarah tells Rasmus that she doesn’t want to kill them. He states he has no choice but Sarah reminds him that he wanted to save everyone. Sarah begs him and claims this is not the way. Rasmus tells Sarah to leave as he doesn’t give a sh*t about her which leaves her dumbfounded. Rasmus hasn’t worked out yet that he’s pushing away everyone for a cause that goes against his entire belief system. The third and final season is all about Rasmus coming to terms with what he must do.

Sarah changes sides

As Patrick is about to be killed by two members of Apollon, Sarah scares them off with the virus. Sarah then breaks down and cries as Fie walks up to her and gives her a big hug, reassuring her it’s okay. She tells Fie that Rasmus is dying and he doesn’t know. Fie asks Sarah to stop him before it’s too late. Suddenly, Fie goes into labor and asks for Patrick. It’s happening! Baby incoming…

And it begins

But the birth has to be sidelined for The Rain season 3, episode 6 because there is more at stake than new life — the world needs saving.

Rasmus approaches the abandoned swimming baths; Simone and co set up. Jean panics with his part of the plan as one of the Apollon people walk in but he still manages to start the fire. But it isn’t Rasmus as Kira snipes them dead. Every time a person with the virus dies, Rasmus seems to grow weaker.

Rasmus finally enters and he asks Olivia to kill them all. He then faces his sister and tells her it is over now. Simone asks him to kill her, almost in a challenging way — it’s brother versus sister and it sets the stage to see who breaks first. The rest of the group head to the changing rooms and hide from Olivia. Jean faces Olivia and asks her to do it but you can tell she doesn’t want to. One of the children shoots her with an arrow that is on fire and she falls.

Kill me but not the others

As Rasmus gets closer, Simone tells him he can kill her but not the flower — she’s shaking as she talks to him. Rasmus starts coughing and she asks if he’s okay but he gets angry. Simone tells him she wants her little brother back so she can protect him and make sure he has the best life — but she also concedes that she’s tried to help him but it hasn’t worked and that he should kill her, but not the others. But Rasmus seems rather distracted by the flower while he scopes out his sister, ready to kill her.

He can’t kill his sister

The others enter the abandoned swimming bath and Jean tells Rasmus to stop. He sees his group not attacking them and he suddenly feels alone and gets angry — his whole plan has failed and it’s almost like at this moment, he realizes he isn’t saving the world. Rasmus activates his virus but he holds back as he looks at his sister. He tells her he just wanted his sister by his side and cries. Simone closes her eyes but then, surprisingly, Rasmus approaches the flower and doesn’t kill her. The ending for The Rain season 3 sticks and stays loyal to the theme — the sibling love was way stronger than the temptation of the virus.

It’s just you and me, forever, saving the world

Sarah enters the abandoned swimming bath and approaches Rasmus. He tells her they should save the world right now. They wrap the virus around each other and declare it’s just “You and me, forever”. Both characters hold each other and walk into the flower. The flower lights up bright blue and then there’s an explosion that throws everyone to the floor. Those who had the virus are suddenly dead. It’s over, the world is saved.

RIP Rasmus

Simone gets up and approaches Sarah and Rasmus who are laying on the ground with each other almost perfectly. The flower suddenly entangles itself around their bodies — it feels like the whole entanglement was signifying a new world that was free of the virus. Simone has experienced another tragedy but her face also suggests that she feels free; she didn’t save her brother as her father asked but the world is saved. It’s a difficult moment for the character to process.

Suddenly, Fie and Patrick leave the motorhome with their newborn baby. Fie asks where Sarah is but Simone’s face says it all.

The ending of The Rain season 3, episode 6, “And This Too Shall Pass

As the episode ends, Simone narrates and pays tribute to her brother and how he saved the world. She feels like she was meant to protect him but now she’s alone. It’s a bittersweet ending for the character but she admits Rasmus is everywhere: “The Rain created you. It saved your life while it killed everyone else. It was evil. You only wished to do good. You never meant to cause trouble”. She continues and states that Rasmus found purpose in death and gave them hope — “You are forever my sweetheart. I love you”. The last scene shows Simone holding a vial with a little flower inside that represents Rasmus.

It’s a somber finish, ending The Rain season 3 without an absolute happy ending; you leave the series for good feeling nothing but sympathy for Simone who had to endure so much pain in this story. In the end, she completed her objective but at such a large cost.

Episode 6, the final ever episode, is a well-constructed, emotionally-driven ending that rounds off the Netflix series well.

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