What is the flower in The Rain season 3 and why is its extract important?

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 6, 2020 (Last updated: December 3, 2023)
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What is the flower in The Rain season 3 and why is its extract important - netflix series

This article “What is the flower in The Rain season 3 and why is its extract important?” contains important spoilers. 

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For the third and final season, the writers decided to throw a final spanner in the mix to offer the characters hope that they could cure the virus and free Rasmus once and for all. While Simone is presumed dead, she comes across two young siblings, Daniel and Luna, who take her to a small spot of paradise. The question raised is how have they managed to find this small luxurious place and stay free from the virus — the world is falling apart and it does not make sense. With tensions high between Simone and Daniel & Luna’s father, Luna shows Simone a flower extract but what is the flower The Rain season 3 and why is its extract important?

What does it do?

When Luna uses the flower extract on virus-infested green growth, it returns back to normal — nice lush green grass and leaves. As soon as Simone sees what this flower extract can do, her eyes light up, believing she can cure Rasmus for good.

What does Simone do?

She follows Daniel to an abandoned swimming bath to find out where the flower is. She sees this big flower in the middle of the bath where the extract comes from. Now, we don’t know why this family believed this plant was a cure — we can only assume they saw an unusual plant in a virus-infested area and assumed that it was an anomaly.

There must be a catch?

There is, unfortunately for Simone and the group. The flower is sensitive when you try and get the extract. If you make one wrong move, it attacks you with something (not sure what it is) but it looks destructive as the characters flee.

Also, a strong, young tribe of kids nearby also want the flower extract for themselves — there’s a mini-war happening in the third and final season over this extract.

What is the flower in The Rain season 3 and does it save the world (and Rasmus)?

The extract does not seem to be a cure for humans. Unfortunately, when Martin takes the extract, he dies painfully — the virus leaves his body but he does not survive which leaves Simone devastated. However, the flower does serve a purpose in the season 3 ending; it does help save the world when Rasmus approaches it. It serves a symbolic meaning for the entire series — the old world dies but a new world blooms.

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