Who is Olivia in The Rain season 3?

August 6, 2020
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This article “Who is Olivia in The Rain season 3?” contains important spoilers. 

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There are a few characters introduced in The Rain season 3; some important, some not so integral. Olivia is a character that kind of sits in the background with few lines but she’s quite important to Rasmus’s whole “new world” view, especially at the start. So who is Olivia in The Rain season 3?

Why is she important?

In season 3, Sten and Rasmus are determined to treat patients to prove that the virus can save them, rather than kill them. There’s a theory presented in season 3 that Sarah survived the virus because she had no immune system — with no immune system, the virus sits in the body and there’s no resistance. Essentially, you become the virus rather than the virus eating away at you quickly.

Olivia is a cancer patient and she is one of the first successful candidates.

So Olivia survives the virus that Rasmus spreads inside of her?

Yes. After using a technique to rid the immune system, Rasmus works his magic and infects her with the virus. At first, everyone thinks that Olivia is dead but lo and behold, she awakens, seemingly cured and feeling a whole lot better.

Why is she important?

She isn’t exactly integral, but she does allow Rasmus to justify what he is doing. Sten had killed so many patients beforehand trying to test the virus but when Rasmus believes he is becoming the solution, it empowers him, changing the story forever. Olivia essentially becomes the case study.

So while Olivia is not exactly the driving force of The Rain season 3, she is the spark that flips the story on its head in the third and final season. She’s also the one that begins to doubt Rasmus’s plans later in the season, especially when it is all falling apart.

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  • November 9, 2020 at 1:48 am

    what is the name of the actress olivia?

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