What’s on the other side of the wall in The Rain season 3?

August 6, 2020
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This article “What’s on the other side of the wall in The Rain season 3?” contains important spoilers. 

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With all the anticipation, the start of Season 3 sees Simone venturing outside the wall. Martin is scared. He’s adamant that Simone should not go beyond the wall and they carry on their miserable, depressing lives. Simone is not having it despite the nice cosy romance she’s enjoying with her boyfriend. This was a pivotal moment — a “what if?” moment. Their lives could be dramatically changed forever in the third and final season but what’s on the other side of the wall in The Rain Season 3?

Why do they want to go beyond the wall?

The group wants to go beyond the wall in the hope that life is good over there and the virus hasn’t spread. The wall always has this Hunger Games feeling that we always feel in teen dystopian worlds — it’s the unknown — the “don’t press the button” button that you always push just because it tells you not to. It’s a common theme in this genre but The Rain uses it quite well.

Does Simone make it over the wall?

Yes, despite Martin telling her not to, she manages to get over despite Apollon waiting for her on the other side. Kira joins her as well but she’s blocked off in the tunnels.

What’s on the other side of the wall in The Rain season 3?

Unfortunately, not paradise. The virus has spread beyond the wall. This was a difficult moment for Simone — when it dawns on her that there is no “normal’ world it hits her suddenly but there’s little time to ponder in this world and she has to keep on moving. This entire adventure leads her to her brother and what follows is a completely different path.

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