Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 1 recap – “Daddy’s Truck”

August 14, 2020
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“Daddy’s Truck” brings to life this quirky, refreshing series as the leading women show chemistry and comedy from the first minute.

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“Daddy’s Truck” brings to life this quirky, refreshing series as the leading women show chemistry and comedy from the first minute.

This recap of Netflix series Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 1, “Daddy’s Truck” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 1, “Daddy’s Truck”

It begins with Sterling proposing sex with her partner Luke in a car outside Willingham Academy. Her boyfriend is religious and starts talking about his virginity and marriage. Sterling starts talking in Bible phrases and puts a condom on him and they have sex — afterwards, Sterling tells her boyfriend that love covers a multitude of sins. In the other car, Blair is giving Jennings a handjob and asks for a review after. Well… this is an opening to a new series that’s for sure. Sterling and Blair are twin sisters.

A car accident

In the car ride home, twin sisters talk about their virginities and Sterling reveals she has just lost her virginity to Luke. The news shocks Blair and they end up in a car accident.

Bounty hunters

They approach the other car and there’s a man inside who is apparently evading bail. Sterling approaches him with a shotgun and asks the man to get out of the car — we were not expecting such ferocity from these characters so early on. Another car drives up and a man gets out and tells them to not steal his bounty and offers his share of the prize; he thinks the twins are bounty hunters — they need the money to fix their father’s truck.

The man (now known as Cayden) from the accident suddenly runs away so the twins run after him. They manage to catch him and agree to half of the cash with the bounty hunter. And thus beginning the purpose of the series.

The new Fellowship leader

At Willingham Academy, Sterling is chosen as the year’s Fellowship leader. Sterling stands up and talks about God’s presence and how she looks forward to leading everyone to Jesus. Luke congratulates her and she is very awkward with him. The teacher tells Sterling about abstinence and the importance of it.

Sterling tells Blair that she cannot be Fellowship leader because she’s had sex but Blair disagrees and tells her to be a “lying sl*t”.

April, a student who is clearly jealous, congratulates Sterling for the leadership but when Sterling drops her bag, April sees the condom wrapper and walks off — Sterling is mortified. She’s been figured out by her arch-enemy very early!

Meeting Bowser

Blair texts the bounty hunter (named Bowser) to collect the money but Sterling is fretting. Bowser works at a Frozen Yoghurt cafe. He takes them to the back in his office to get the cash. He gives them the cash and Sterling asks Bowser how much it would be to fix the truck. When he says $5k, Sterling asks if there are any more bounty hunter jobs. Bowser’s next bounty is for a John Stevens. The twins realise that John Stevens is April’s father and they offer to help capture him at The Men’s Parlor. They raise how the Parlor is very racist so Bowser agrees to the partnership on this one.


Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 1 shows the twin sisters carry out their first mission.

The twins walk into The Men’s Parlor and they are caught by Miles, their friend. Blair seduces Miles to get information on where John Stevens is. They find the room where John Stevens is and overhear a group of men talking. They find out that John Stevens did not do the crime — he was protecting his business partner. They return to Bowser and lie, stating that their target was not inside.

A dress down

The twin’s parents find out about the car and they are fuming. The parents give them a dress down — they are told to pay for the repairs or they’ll be going to a public school. So now the characters have a reason to bounty hunt — they desperately need the money.

We want more jobs

The twins meet Bowser and ask for work and explain they have power in the community. Bowser says he wants John Stevens but the twins question his innocence. Bowser reveals he knows they are not bounty hunters as he did his research, including looking at their TikToks. As he kicks the twins out, Bowser gives the evidence that John Stevens committed battery on a prostitute. The twins now want to find him.

Speaking to April

The twins approach April and lie that her father has offered to sponsor their field trip to the soup kitchen — they ask her where he is. April knows they are lying and calls them little tramps — she also threatens to reveal that Sterling has lost her virginity… and so the war begins…

Sterling creates a fake social media profile to try and find April’s father — they follow John Stevens so they can tag his address. Episode 1 shows how resourceful these teenagers are.

Capturing John Stevens

The twins head to the address where John Stevens is and skirt around the mansion with their pistol and shotgun. Blair says that the adventure makes her horny. Sterling approaches John Stevens and hits him with her gun. They capture him very casually. Episode 1 is quirkily casual — it’s a very off-cuff story so far.

The ending of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 1, “Daddy’s Truck”

The twins now work at the Yoghurt cafe but secretly they are bounty hunters. Bowser tells their parents that their daughters do a good job.

The twins try and negotiate with Bowser. He tells them they have no leverage to negotiate if they want to work with him. Episode 1, “Daddy’s Truck” brings to life this quirky, refreshing series as the leading women show chemistry and comedy from the first minute.

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