Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 4 recap – “Basically Pluto”

August 14, 2020
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“Basically Pluto” sees the sister’s problems mount but for different reasons as the story starts to become comfortable.

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“Basically Pluto” sees the sister’s problems mount but for different reasons as the story starts to become comfortable.

This recap of Netflix series Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 4, “Basically Pluto” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 4, “Basically Pluto”

Luke and Sterling wake up together outside in the tent; Sterling is fretting that her mother will find them together (wait until she finds out that she isn’t a virgin!). Luke quickly departs like a mad man. At breakfast, Sterling’s mother is still angry about her drinking. Sterling apologizes but her mother isn’t accepting it.

Let’s talk about Miles

Blair and Miles are already smitten with each other. They call each other “mad sexy”. She tells Sterling that Miles “Gets her”. Blair feels like he is grounded. Sterling doesn’t want to talk about Miles, she wants to be back in the house. The sisters are at odds with each other for the first time — one is smitten while the other one feels out of place.

The next target

The next target given to them by Yolanda is Kendra Saint John who is a scammer who throws jewelry parties; the items are fake. They need to find a way to lure Kendra in “Basically Pluto”.

Book club

At a book club, Sterling serves the guests for her mother to try and earn brownie points and it seems to be working, a little bit. The issue is that the other mothers keep on talking about Sterling’s drinking and her mother has to keep defending her. Miles shows up as the valet and Blair is mortified that her mother hired him — she needs to rearrange her bedroom. She’s also worried that her soon-to-be boyfriend has shown up to her rich house when he thinks she’s grounded.

Bowser calls the twins and says they believe Kendra is outside the house for the book club. However, when they get outside it’s not Kendra, it’s a man named John Slack who says she couldn’t make it. The twins’ plan to lure Kendra has failed.


The twins update Bowser and he asks them if they’ve ever interrogated anyone. John Slack has started selling already to the book club. The twins start interrogating him and pretend it’s an interview for an article they are working on.

Blair gets to the point and asks about Kendra — it’s funny how she cannot help herself. John states that he and Kendra are a team. Blair tries to make out that bosses are manipulative which scares John off.

The cops get involved

Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 4 sees Bowser get into a spot of bother with the cops.

Blair leaves John with Sterling and goes outside to give Miles some food and she acts super weird around him. Meanwhile, outside the cops get involved and want to know what Bowser is up to. They want his paperwork so he reluctantly shows them. The cops raise how Bowser was the man who shot officer Atticus in Florida. There’s a bit of background for Bowser that will be revealed later. We are finally getting some context on the character.

Luke and Sterling had sex

Sterling’s mother finds out at the party that Sterling had sex with Luke (awkward!). All the mother’s eyes look at Sterling. Her mother ends the book club early as she’s shocked and upset at the news. Luke’s mother raises how she’s disappointed in Sterling but Sterling’s mother says it takes two to tango before walking off. Sterling’s eyes fill with tears. What an awful moment in “Basically Pluto” and what absurd pressure for a young teenage girl.

Chasing John

As for John, he’s leaving the party and Blair is trying to stop him from leaving. She accuses him of covering up for Kendra and John runs off. Eventually, she manages to get John to the ground; she asks him to refund the credit card transactions from the book club and give information on Kendra.

Why are you acting weird

Blair is still acting weird with Miles. He asks what’s going on with her as she’s been strange all day. She tells him to not show up unannounced like that. Miles apologizes. Blair says that he told her he likes her because she’s down to earth and then shows up at her rich house. Blair imagined Miles coming to her house for the first time as her boyfriend. The pair are starting to recognize each other as a couple.

When Blair drops Miles off at his house, she learns he is also rich — his parents have high-paying jobs. They both agree they are now boyfriend/girlfriend. N’awww…

You are my whole world

Sterling and her mother finally speak. Her mother doesn’t know how to feel. Sterling doesn’t understand how something that feels so good can be so wrong, especially when she’s in love. Her mother hugs her as she cries. Sterling admits she was never going to tell her mother and her mother states that breaks her heart — “You are my whole world”. The mother and daughter have a heart to heart and the mother is relieved that she used condoms.

Afterward, Luke plays Sterling his guitar on video call before he is accosted by his mother.

The ending of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 4, “Basically Pluto”

Both sisters lay in bed together after a difficult day. Yolanda calls and asks to meet them in a diner. Bowser tells them he was in jail for 47 minutes and that he was arrested for colorful language — he reveals he used to be a cop and one day he was at a pride parade and he was assigned to protect Shelita Pancake — Florida’s number 1 drag queen. He heard a car backfire and thought it was a gunshot; he explains he got his gun out too quick and shot Officer Atticus in the nose — it was a horse. Every squad laughed at him so he quit the police force — he has a bad experience with the police. This context was funny and much needed.

The twins state they can still get to Kendra and take a trip to Knoxville — that’s where she apparently is. Bowser walks out and tells them to forget it. Yolanda tells the twins to give him space. Sterling wonders if God put them here to fix Bowser. This religious logic is strange but it adds depth to the story. Episode 4, “Basically Pluto”, sees the sister’s problems mount but for different reasons as the story starts to become comfortable

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