Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 9 recap – “Our Ham Is Good”

August 14, 2020
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“Our Ham Is Good” leaves the remaining twist about Debbie’s secret to the last moments and props a finale.

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“Our Ham Is Good” leaves the remaining twist about Debbie’s secret to the last moments and props a finale.

This recap of Netflix series Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 9, “Our Ham Is Good” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 9, “Our Ham Is Good”

Sterling tries apologising to Blair about the day before and not showing up. Blair throws paper at her and reveals her and Miles have broken up. She then tells Sterling that their mother is lying just to add fuel to the fire — these two are not agreeing on anything. The sisters end up fighting. Blair shows her mother as a teenager in Savannah near Hobo’s Ham — the place never franchised and there’s only one in Nandina.

Blair states that everything before 1999 there’s nothing about their mother. She’s off to Nandina — Sterling suggests that they go immediately.

Where were you April?

At school, a couple of friends wonder who April was talking to on the phone (she was talking to Sterling). They also ask about her scent and where she was the night before. April is struggling to keep up the secret.

Get Yolanda and the case

At the yoghurt store, Bowser is asleep on the office floor. He’s been drinking and starts ranting about Yolanda. The twins tell Bowser to fight for the case and Yolanda rather than let Terrance Coin have it all.

I’ve lost my one love

At the start of the road trip, Sterling asks Blair if she’d like to talk about Miles. Blair is very angry, stating she has lost the love of her life. Sterling mentions she was with April which makes Blair even angrier. She offers to call Miles to explain but there’s no way Blair will entertain such a subject; the truth will only help in this situation.

Bowser and Terrance have to work together

Bowser visits Yolanda and apologizes, claiming he overreacted. Terrance is making cinnamon rolls from scratch and Bowser has one — he’s impressed by how good they are. Terrance reveals he has a cooking and an ASMR channel.

Bowser wants the Fren-Z case back but he has to work with Terrance.

They are not fine

Debbie doesn’t know where her daughters are and rings someone saying, “What did you do with my girls”. She tries ringing her daughters and Sterling texts back saying they are “fine”. Debbie and Anderson are fretting, believing they are not fine. The secret is closing in on Debbie.

Hobo’s Ham

The twin sisters finally get to Nandina and go to Hobo’s Ham. They show a store staff member a photo of their young mother and he says that her shirt is from a local church.

Bowser covers their backs

Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 9 reveals the strength of Bowser’s friendship with the sisters.

Debbie meets Bowser and asks where her daughters are. He covers their backs and says the twins are not on the schedule to work so he doesn’t know where they are. This scene proves that Bowser genuinely has the twin sisters’ backs, even when the parents get involved.

She danced with the devil

The twins head to the local church and see their mother’s maiden name on the board. Inside the church they ask about the maiden name “Culpepper” — a woman who is running a rapture class says she feels sorry for that family. The woman continues and says the daughter of the family danced with the devil.

Terrance and Bowser talk about Yolanda

While out and about on their bounty hunt, Terrance says he has feelings for Yolanda and he tells Bowser that he should have done something about his feelings after all this time. They head out to meet a rich man called Perry who they believe would help Fren-Z get a private plane so he isn’t caught.

Town database

The twin sisters head to town’s police administration office and ask a man to look up Debbie Culpepper. There is no arrest record for their mother — the man said she may have done something when Debbie was a minor. Blair is frantic and does not accept the information and tells Sterling it was a mistake bringing her here. And here we go…

The sisters explode

Sterling tells Blair she’s apologized and that she could have rescheduled her date with Miles but as usual, she chooses the highest drama possible — Blair does not like what her sister said. Sterling lists all the dramas and says that Blair self-sabotaged her relationship. Blair tells Sterling that she’s jealous of her and that she will get back with Luke and be married by 23 — she accuses Sterling of having no guts and lives a boring life unlike her.

Sterling says she has guts and then reveals she’s hooking up with April and the reason she wasn’t there for her sister is that she was following her heart — “She’s a girl. How’s that for boring”. Blair walks off.

You can tell Blair walked off half shocked but also half upset that the sisters have not been there for each other in such pivotal moments in their lives.

The sisters are upset and need reassurance

Blair rings Bowser while he’s on a mission and she’s crying over Sterling. He tries to comfort her and leaves Terrance to do the job. He tells her to feel what she feels and that it will get better. Bowser has this father-figure on these girls all of a sudden.

Sterling rings April and explains that she told Blair in the middle of an intense argument. April reassures her and says she will comfort her. Sterling thinks it’s time for the whole world to know. As April puts down her phone, her father turns up. Meanwhile, Debbie sees the photo in Blair’s room.

The ending of Teenage Bounty Hunters season 1, episode 9, “Our Ham Is Good”

Bowser is embarrassed as Terrance made him look bad on his latest bounty hunter YouTube video.

Garrett from the admin office rings Sterling about unsolved crimes and he has 16 results for Debbie Culpepper; meanwhile, Debbie tells Anderson that “they know”; while Bowser trashes his office, he sees Debbie’s Most Wanted poster.

The sisters see the unsolved crimes and look shocked. Sh*t is about to hit the fan for the finale. Episode 9, “Our Ham Is Good” leaves the remaining twist about Debbie’s secret to the last moments and props a finale.

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