Who are Blair and Sterling in Teenage Bounty Hunters?

August 14, 2020
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This article “Who are Blair and Sterling in Teenage Bounty Hunters?” contains minor spoilers at the start. Major spoilers are signposted further down in the article. 

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So as we embark on a Netflix series, we have some new lead characters to delve into. Blair and Sterling are not your average teenagers in Teenage Bounty Hunters and for very good reason. The leads of the series offer an interesting dynamic but who are Blair and Sterling in Teenage Bounty Hunters?


Blair and Sterling are sisters and although they are not identical, their chemistry and typical sisterhood back and forth make for entertaining viewing. The dynamic between them is the selling point of the series.

What do the sisters do?

They kind of accidentally, clumsily become bounty hunters for a man named Bowser. Right in the first episode, the sisters decide to really get stuck in when a bounty hunter is tracking down a criminal. But they also need the money to fix their father’s truck so there’s an incentive as well.

A quick break down of the sisters


This sister is more in tune with her strict Christian background than the other sister despite being more sexually explorative at the start of season 1. She feels crippled by her lifestyle at times and feels she has to abide by certain rules due to her pressure-cooker peers from school. Sterling is heavily versed with the bible and has an arch-enemy named April.


This sister is almost the complete opposite; she is ready for the drama and does not feel as fussed with her strict Christian background i.e. she does not appear to fear God and her parents as much.

Regardless, both sisters work very much in sync with each other throughout the season. It’s easy to watch chemistry.


We learn later in the series that Sterling and Blair are possibly not sisters — their mother has a twin sister and she reveals she gave birth to Sterling at the end of season 1. They are, in fact, cousins.

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