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“Chapter 02: Shock” provides an electrifying – literally – continuation as history repeats itself and a traitor is revealed.

This recap of 3% season 4, episode 2, “Chapter 02: Shock”, contains spoilers. You can check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking these words.

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We’re back for “Chapter 02: Shock”, which finds a serious spanner being thrown in the works nice and early when Andre decides to open the Process early, prompting Michele to decide that Xavier needs to enter the Process for their plan to succeed. She also speaks with Gloria and Xavier and asks outright who’s against the plan, a matter that is a bit later revealed to have been a ploy to train Xavier for the Process.

Nair admits to Joana, meanwhile, that a lot of the council members are prisoners given that Andre won’t negotiate. Nair wants Joana to take him down, but she’ll only do so in exchange for the Process being ended forever – a step that nobody seems willing to take.

Remaining distant while at home with the others, Joana sequesters herself somewhat while Marco uncovers a hidden compartment in the garden housing numerous pictures, including one of a baby that looks suspiciously like him. Since the turbine isn’t in the lab, as reported by Elisa, Joana races off, Natalia following.

Meanwhile in “Chapter 02: Shock”, Andre plants a group of spies inside the Process.

History begins to repeat itself in 3% season 4, episode 2, with Michele coaching Xavier through the necessary steps of the Process, which plays as a fun call back to the first season. Having taken all this information on board, Xavier joins thousands of other hopefuls, including the provocative Pedro, and is promptly eliminated. Oops. But he’s able to talk Denise around, giving him another opportunity, though he’s barely holding on. He’s thrown another curveball when the cube test doesn’t show up, and instead, he and Pedro have to be electrocuted. Both pass, Pedro thanks to Xavier’s sacrifice in increasing his own voltage, but neither comes out looking good, which is apparently what Andre wants – he has no time for the weak.

Having learned where “Chapter 02: Shock” gets its title, we see how Andre’s borderline sadism is considered among Nair and the Council, especially in light of Joana’s negotiation with them, and the idea that he’ll destroy the Process is never far away.

The matter of trust also keeps coming up in this episode, with the Council questioning where to place theirs, Joana feeling compelling towards Veronica because of her suspicions that she’s her mother, and the late reveal that Gloria is a traitor. Things are starting to heat up and plans are starting to come together. Don’t you love it when that happens?

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