Hoops season 1, episode 2 recap – what happened in “My Two Dads” Needing a new father.



“My Two Dads” shows the characters being desperate as their insecurities shine through.

This recap of Netflix series Hoops season 1, episode 2, “My Two Dads” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening of Hoops season 1, episode 2, “My Two Dads”

Coach Hopkins tries to show his team how to throw hoops but he can’t seem to get one himself. He keeps failing and it gets awkward. Eventually, Hopkins lowers the basket and still misses. What a hilarious start.

A new man

In the evening, Hopkins goes to collect a VCR from his ex-wife and sees she’s with a new man. The headteacher tells Hopkins to mind his own business. Hopkins tells Ron that Shannon is cheating on them both. Afterward, his team gang up on Matty and fight him. Hopkin splits them up but Matty walks out, claiming he quits. Hopkin tells them to make it up to him.

My father! And Matty joins the team to hang out.

Hopkins and Ron go and investigate who Shannon is hanging out with. Hopkins is mortified when he sees his father coming to the door. Shannon is adamant that they are not having sex and that his father Barry is like a second father to her. Hopkins tells them both they can’t hang out together. Meanwhile, Matty tells the team he is smarter than them all and walks out. The team have all put tampons up their ar*es but haven’t dipped them in vodka. Matty points out they are doing it wrong.

Hopkins gives up and the team go to Matty’s house

Hopkin learns that Shannon and his father are going to a wedding together. Ben Hopkins turns up to the wedding anyway and his father cannot believe it and tells him to not show himself up again. The team tries to bond with Matty. They seem to be impressed with his basement. They tell Matty that they don’t hate him, it’s just that there’s been so much pressure to win games since he joined. The team all get drunk.

A new father

Hopkin tells his father that Shannon’s father is now his father. He tells his real father that he makes him feel like a disappointment. The coach then gets a video call from the team and he’s happy to see them bonding. Shannon is frustrated that Ben is here — she also points out that the man she’s with is not her father.

The ending of Hoops season 1, episode 2, “My Two Dads”

The man Ben has brought to the wedding dies. He pushes the dead man into the wedding cake and then embarrasses Shannon while she’s trying to secure a business deal.

Ben goes to the dead man’s funeral. His father then shows up and apologizes for never listening to him. Episode 2 shows the characters being desperate as their insecurities shine through.

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