Masaba Masaba season 1, episode 3 recap – “Man! I Feel Like A Woman”

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 28, 2020 (Last updated: February 9, 2024)
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Masaba Masaba season 1, episode 3 - Man! I Feel Like A Woman


“Man! I Feel Like A Woman” sees Masaba take a leap of faith but with leaps comes a newfound reality that can test her mental courage.

This recap of Netflix series Masaba Masaba season 1, episode 3, “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Masaba stayed at colleague Gehna’s house after an argument with her mother. She feels inspired by her colleague’s house, wanting space of her own. So Masaba goes apartment hunting. In one of the apartments, they see a rat. Meanwhile, her mother Neena is fretting and wants to ring her but she’s being stubborn. The mother-daughter relationship is clearly strong as they are struggling to be away from each other.

New home

Masaba feels she has found her home and makes an Instagram post about it. As for Neena, she rings her agency and is annoyed that everyone has been cast apart from her. When Masaba gets to the office, she’s told she can’t have the apartment because they don’t want a celebrity to attract problems. She fumes at the broker.

What is happening with the new collection?

But then Dhairya and his daughter Pax come to the office as she’s screaming on the phone. He wants to know if she’s started his new collection. The investor then suggests that she finds someone to collaborate with. Masaba believes he is being sexist because of her divorce and is doing the “Damsel in distress” narrative. While she rants, Dhairya texts Masaba his friend’s number who leases houses and walks away. Dhairya is cocky but he clearly has a point to prove to Masaba’s assumptions.

Jogi returns

The man from the last episode who spoke to Masaba outside the art event returns — Jogi. Masaba and Jogi go to a bowling alley and have some fun. Jogi tells Masaba to let the inspiration come to her and then go with it. Masaba has a different idea — she asks Jogi to collaborate with her on her new collection. So she takes that advice after all.

Mother and daughter are friends again

Masaba then checks out a new apartment and she likes it. She then visits her mother’s house to go get her things. She avoids talking to her mother. However, she does create a nice post about Neena and her acting career. On the way out, they both speak. Neena insists she stays until she finds a place and Masaba agrees. The sweet mother-daughter relationship was never going to break.

Moving in

The next day, Masaba’s friends come over to her new place and they help her move in. She’s given a sex toy as a moving in present and they have a few drinks. When everyone leaves, she vibes in her new home and dances. She then realizes that nobody is in her house and she feels alone. She texts Dhairya thanking him for sorting out the house.

The ending

Manav then texts Masaba and comes over. At first, it is awkward but then they hook up and have sex. Afterward, he tells Masaba she didn’t want this because she wanted to get married. Manav then reveals he has a girlfriend which ruins the mood. Masaba tells him to get out as it reminded her of the time Manav cheated on her. As he gets out, he tells her that no-one can make her happy. Masaba Masaba Episode 3, “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” sees Masaba take a leap of faith but with leaps comes a newfound reality that can test her mental courage.

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