Masaba Masaba season 1, episode 4 recap – “Bringing Sexy Back”

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 28, 2020 (Last updated: February 13, 2024)
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Netflix series Masaba Masaba season 1, episode 4 - Bringing Sexy Back


“Bringing Sexy Back” starts the theme of self-love as Masaba starts to discover the world as a single person. It lacks originality but it works.

This recap of Netflix series Masaba Masaba season 1, episode 4, “Bringing Sexy Back” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Masaba is taking part in a recording of a TV commercial. The director tells her to act sexy — she’s then told to remove the hairs from her legs as it is a waxing advert. Neena has also landed a role and she is working on set. Sonam, the director, is pumped to be working with her. Mithila joins her on set and they do a dance routine — she struggles to perform the routine. Mithila is clearly not happy to be there — it’s a music video about an aunty. Both mother and daughter are working their way up in life after recent setbacks.

A lot of problems

Gia tells Masaba that ever since the divorce, every channel has been the “Masaba show”. She expresses she has issues of her own, including the bar and the stresses that come with it. She’s upset that Masaba has never asked if she’s okay. Gia continues to get upset, feeling the pressure of keeping the family legacy going and walks out of Masaba’s house. Afterwards, Masaba makes a dedication post on Instagram about Gia. There’s a new challenge for Masaba, save her friendship with Gia.

The new collection is underway

Jogi rings Masaba on a video call and he’s in bed with another man. He learns that he is gay but she’s confused as she thought she had something with him. At work, Dhairya visits and he presses her about the new collection. He also asks for a favour — to hire his daughter Pax as an intern. Jogi then walks in with a spliff — he tells Dhairya that they haven’t got any good ideas yet which embarrasses her.

The new music video

Masaba shows her colleagues her mother’s new music video in “Bringing Sexy Back”. She rings her and tells her how cool it is. She makes a dedication post about her mother always being on-trend. Family and friends gather at Neena’s house and watch the music video — before the video, Masaba’s wax strips commercial comes on. Everyone loves the music video and it’s trending.

The bar launch

Masaba goes to visit Gia at 2 am and says they need to get to work for her bar opening. She promotes the bar on Instagram. The bar launches and its a success on the first night. It’s awkward because Vinay arrives with a date. He was accidentally invited from the guest list. She introduces herself to Vinay and his date Naina — she’s a vet. As Vinay walks with Naina, Masaba looks on but she seems to accept it. You can tell remnants from the divorce still exists but there’s this feeling that they need to move on.

The ending

Gia and Masaba have a sleepover together. Masaba admits to getting lonely in the house. Gia tells her to open her DMs as she’s single and hot. They look through the guys and have a laugh. Gia takes her phone and messages a man from Instagram and asks him to come over.

There’s then a montage of scenes showing Masaba going on very tragic dates. After so many dates, Masaba rings Gia and says she is done with dates — she also tells her that Dhairya was at the restaurant she just left. Masaba felt like he looked hot — she sends a photo of Dhairya to Dhairya with the text of “Do you think he has big d*ck energy?”. It was meant for Gia. Another embarrassment for Masaba. Masaba Masaba Episode 4, “Bringing Sexy Back”, starts the theme of self-love as Masaba starts to discover the world as a single person. It lacks originality but it works.

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