Masaba Masaba season 1, episode 5 recap – “Work B**tch!”

August 28, 2020
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“Work B**tch!” is the funniest chapter of the series as it all goes wrong for Masaba in a hilarious catwalk boat scene.

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“Work B**tch!” is the funniest chapter of the series as it all goes wrong for Masaba in a hilarious catwalk boat scene.

This recap of Netflix series Masaba Masaba season 1, episode 5, “Work B**tch!” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Neena tells Masaba that she’s going for the role of a woman who gets pregnant at 50. The screen test still needs to happen. Masaba praises her mother for being brave at her age and doesn’t know how she handles it while she’s such a mess at a younger age. Neena claims her life has been a mess plenty of times. Masaba still shows this defeatist attitude which is a theme in the later chapters.

New theme

Masaba now has inspiration for her new collection after speaking to her mother — the theme will be “Hot Mess”. She tells the team the theme is all about embracing a complicated, messy life.

Updating the investor

Masaba then visits Dhairya. He’s obviously acting strange due to the “Big D*ck Energy” text that Masaba accidentally sent to him. Masaba tells him that her new collection is going to be “Hot Mess” — about embracing change and emotions. He then asks about the previous night and she doesn’t understand what he’s implying so Dhairya changes the subject.

Career highs

Neena has got the part for the movie as a pregnant 50-year old woman. She rings Masaba with the great news. Masaba gets on with her new theme. Both women seem to be at a good point in their careers as everything seems to be falling into place. Well, until the second half of the episode.

So Jogi is bisexual?

After a busy day, Masaba feels like Jogi is hitting on her. She now feels Jogi is bisexual. She says no to going to his house at first due to it being unprofessional and then she imagines him naked so heads over. They hook up and have sex.

The fashion show

The next morning, Masaba is fretting because she’s running late for the show. It’s D-Day — it’s the important fashion show where she shows off her new collection. The fashion show is on a boat.

Showstopper issue

There’s an issue at the event — the showstopper won’t start her hair and makeup. The actress is stressing because there’s no Wi-Fi on the boat. Masaba agrees to find a phone with signal but begs her to start her hair and makeup. Then there’s another issue, the crew won’t let anyone else in the boat due to capacity — they have to remove some people to let others on. Masaba’s mother then rings and says she cannot attend due to costume trials. Masaba Masaba Episode 5 sees everything fall apart very quickly for Masaba.

The ending

Dhairya is getting impatient but then Masaba has another problem. The showstopper is distraught because her boyfriend has left her. Masaba gives her a phone. The show then starts for “Hot Mess” without Masaba even launching it. It’s a sh*t show — the showstopper finally gets on the catwalk and she’s absolutely distraught as she does her walk. Another model throws up on her from seasickness.

An absolute disaster. And it was in theme — a hot mess. Episode 5 is the funniest chapter of the series as it all goes wrong for Masaba in a hilarious catwalk boat scene.

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