Masaba Masaba season 1, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

August 28, 2020
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“Hot Mess” ends the first season respectfully as Masaba embraces self-love and faces her problems.

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“Hot Mess” ends the first season respectfully as Masaba embraces self-love and faces her problems.

This recap of Netflix series Masaba Masaba season 1, episode 6, “Hot Mess” — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

After the disaster fashion show, Masaba wakes up on the boat. She still needs to attend the investor’s meeting. She’s also been warned about what’s been said on social media — they’ve had a field day in the news.


Masaba visits her therapist as she’s not sure how she’s going to face the world. Her therapist suggests she’s not cut for this life and fame — she recommends that Masaba takes a holiday. The therapist then makes a theory that Masaba does not like taking on her demons. Masaba has a breakthrough and realizes she doesn’t like to face her own problems and has a sudden moment of self-awareness. The finale brings Masaba full circle, from divorce to finding her purpose in life and how she needs to deal with her issues.

Seeing mother act

At Neena’s work, she’s on set for her new role. Masaba arrives and watches her mother act. Neena is pumped at the bigger performances to come. They then talk about the worst fashion show ever.

One week to fix it

Masaba attends the investor’s meeting and takes full responsibility for the disaster. Dhairya defends her and tells Masaba she has one week to fix it. At work, Gehna tries resigning, blaming the disaster on her. Masaba gathers her team and reassures them about the collection and vows that they should fix it. Masaba does a post about celebrating imperfection which is what the collection was meant to be about. She takes a range of photos of the collection and posts them on social media. She even gets Jogi to be part of the modeling. There’s a sense that Masaba is thinking with a free mind and trusting her instinct.

Selling the house

Masaba gets a call from her ex-husband so meets him to complete the purchase of their old home. The couple moving in look happy to be moving in. Masaba and Vinay admit that they had some great times in this house. Another scene of perspective and also closure for Masaba.


Masaba then meets Dhairya and tries to pay him back for the investment. Dhairya tells her to look at her phone — she’s getting rave reviews and she’s going to be on the cover of Flair Magazine. Masaba breaks down in tears because she’s finally done something right. Dhairya praises her creative flow and she hugs him. Masaba asks why Dhairya doesn’t show his nice side more often. Dhairya makes a sly joke about “energy” and goes to get her water. Masaba then realizes that when he said “Energy”, he’s on about the time she texted Gia wondering if Dhairya has big d*ck energy. She checks her phone and realizes she sent the text to him.

The ending

Masaba heads to her mother’s 60th birthday party and the spirits are high. She sits with her mother after. Neena gives her a present. It’s a door plaque that says “Hot Mess” for her new home. Masaba narrates and talks about the journey and how she’s finally happy to be on her own. She then gets a phone notification — her period is 11 days late. Well, that’s the narrative for Season 2, if there is one. Masaba Masaba Episode 6 ends the first season respectfully as Masaba embraces self-love and faces her problems.

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