Julie and the Phantoms season 1, episode 2 recap – “Bright”

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 10, 2020 (Last updated: February 11, 2024)
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Netflix series Julie and the Phantoms season 1, episode 2 - Bright


The second chapter carries on with the notion that Julie is coming to terms with her confidence as the band encourage her to continue with music.

This recap of Netflix’s Julie and the Phantoms season 1, episode 2, “Bright” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Julie is hugging her mother’s lyrics after she sang her song. Alex wanted to give her a hug but the band didn’t think it was appropriate. Luke wants to know why she lied about being able to play the piano. Flynn then shows up and tells Julie that she’s been kicked out of music and that she cannot give up on it. Julie tells Flynn that she’s just played the piano and sang again and they are both pumped — Julie’s inspiration is keeping her mother’s memory alive which makes for a heartwarming story in “Bright”.

The father remembers

Julie’s father enters the studio and talks to his deceased wife about how Julie is playing the piano and singing again. He reveals he doesn’t want to move but feels it is best for Julie. The father gets emotional and the band start crying.

Reapply next time

Julie asks the teacher if she can remain on the music programme. However, yesterday was her last chance so she will have to reapply next semester. You always get the sense that this isn’t the end for Julie’s aspirations though.

We still have music

The reality sinks in for the ghost band that everything in their life is gone. Luke tells them they are the only family they ever need. He also states that they can still play music. Luke wishes for a guitar and one appears. He starts playing it and Reggie starts singing.

Setting boundaries

When Julie returns home she sees the band in her room. She tells them that they can only speak in the studio and not in her bedroom. Luke tries to raise that she can sing and play the piano but Julie tells them to get out of her room. Alex sends his apologies to Julie that she didn’t get in the music program.

We are staying

Julie tells her father that they shouldn’t move just because of her and that they should stay. Her father says that moving on is important and comes from the inside. Julie asks if they can stay and her father excitedly agrees. An important scene for the family and one that shows how music has brought happiness back.

Don’t accept no for an answer

Luke speaks to Julie about her musical talent and that she has the power to move people. He tells her she needs to make it happen and return to the music program — “Don’t ask for permission”.

The ending

At a school assembly, Julie walks on to the stage unannounced and starts playing the piano and singing. As students start leaving the assembly, she plays the piano. The ghost band encourage her and then join her on the stage. The students love it, apart from Carrie. When the song ends, the ghosts disappear and the student crowd is shocked. Julie and the Phantoms Episode 2, “Bright” leaves with the question — how will Julie explain who the band is? The second chapter carries on with the notion that Julie is coming to terms with her confidence as the band encourages her to continue with music.

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