Julie and the Phantoms season 1, episode 3 recap – “Flying Solo” Establishing the band.



Episode 3, “Flying Solo” finally establishes the band — Julie and the Phantoms.

This recap of Netflix’s Julie and the Phantoms season 1, episode 3, “Flying Solo” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Julie is still shocked by the performance and the disappearance of the band. She blags it and says the ghosts are holograms. The music teacher states that the spot is still filled for the programme. However, the headteacher overrules and increases the capacity of the programme to let her in. Flynn asks about the hologram band and is being a little awkward that Julie kept it a secret.

Why are you lying?

Flynn senses that she’s lying to her and runs off. Honesty is clearly important for their friendship so having the ghost element in her life is starting to be a burden. The ghost band is pumped for Julie but she’s feeling a little down due to her brief argument with Flynn. One problem removed, one problem created.

Afterlife questions

While moving through town, Alex bumps into Willie who is also a ghost, and asks a few questions to understand the afterlife. When Julie returns home she is annoyed at Reggie and Luke for playing while she’s not at home. They invite her into the band Sunset Curve but she isn’t sure about it. Alex returns to the band and tells them he met a ghost friend and explains how much he has learned about their afterlives. They all discuss how they need to get Julie in their band.

Trying to make amends

Julie finds Flynn and tries to speak to her about their small argument. She wants her to know how important she is to her. Julie breaks and confirms they are ghosts, not holograms. Flynn starts texting Julie’s father as she’s worried about her. She takes Flynn’s phone and insists she will prove that the ghosts exist.

The ending

They head to the studio and Julie sits a cynical Flynn down. Julie sings a song that is about Flynn in a friendship song. The ghosts then appear and Flynn is visibly shocked as the band goes into full swing. The band asks Julie if she will be joining their group again — Flynn tells the band they will be joining her. Episode 3, “Flying Solo” finally establishes the band — Julie and the Phantoms.

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