Julie and the Phantoms season 1, episode 7 recap – “Edge of Great” A crush on a ghost.



“Edge of Great” delves into the romances and gives something for the ghosts to be worried about as we reach the last embers of the Netflix series.

This recap of Netflix’s Julie and the Phantoms season 1, episode 7, “Edge of Great” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Carlos is trying to persuade her aunt that the house is haunted so the ghost band help him by moving things in the house. Reggie does not like how adults do not believe their kids. Julie returns home and her father lectures her about communication. Her father loves that she’s back into music again but he told her that school comes first — he gives her permission to stay in the band. “Edge of Great”, if anything, proves that Julie’s father is weak at punishments — what sort of grounding is this?

A new gig

The next morning, Julie’s father really wants to showcase her band after losing her an opportunity with the music manager — he’s arranged a gig at their house — at the gig, he will bring his colleagues so they can create a professional YouTube video. At school, Luke and Julie agree on the song they are going to play at the gig. Luke tells Julie that she makes him a great writer — she feels they make each other better. A romance is definitely blossoming here — kind of weird though.


At dance class, Julie and Nick partner up. She accidentally calls him Luke before they begin dancing. During their dancing routine, she imagines dancing with Luke to romantic music. When the routine ends, Nick feels they nailed it. Julie is now confused with her feelings. She tells Flynn that throughout all the dancing all she was thinking about was Luke. Flynn tells Julie that Luke will always be a ghost — she then tells Julie to invite Nick to the gig at her house. Flynn understands that the chance of a real romance with a ghost is unrealistic. This doesn’t make Flynn smart, it’s just common sense.

What’s Willie up to?

Alex catches Willie outside the studio and confronts him. Willie looks concerned and tells Alex that they shouldn’t have met which hurts Alex’s feelings. The band tries to reassure Alex about his hurt feelings.

A successful gig

At the gig, Nick tells Carrie that they will not be getting back together. Carrie does not seem deterred and raises her cynicism about the holograms. Julie then starts the gig. The chemistry between Julie and Luke is apparent as the crowd enjoys the performance. Afterward, Flynn notes how much eye contact there was between Julie and Luke.

The ending

The three ghosts get that pain again — the flickering gets worse. Willie shows up and says they are in trouble — Caleb wants to own them. Willie also reveals that Caleb owns their soul and that he is all about power. The flickering will continue until they do not exist. Willie states that in order to get out of this, they need to find out what their unfinished business is. They look at the Orpheum Theatre — on the night they died, the band wanted to play there. It’s possible that is their unfinished business. Julie and the Phantoms Episode 7, “Edge of Great”, delves into the romances and gives something for the ghosts to be worried about as we reach the last embers of the Netflix series.

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